Everybody’s doing it…

Okay, so I’m doing it, starting my own blog. I wonder; is it called a blog because the writer just says “blah blah blah” so much it becomes blahg, and then rewritten as blog? I’m not sure whether I will have anything interesting to write about, but we’ll see. I’m all about trying new things right now: blogging, intarsia, KALs. Thanks to Jillian and my other SNB knitters who encouraged me to do this and helped me think of a cute blog name. So without further ado…

I went on our SNB’s yarn crawl this weekend, and got this yarny brightness for my wobbly, among other things. The yarn crawlers chose beautiful, subdued, mature, earth tones inspired by the ocean or nature (read: grown-up colors) for their wobblies. Not me. I guess I’m wanting to feel young again. When my wobbly is done, I may have to hide it from my teeny bopper nieces. Put on your sunglasses…

Madge arranged for us yarn crawlers to get 30% off Yarn Garden. Tiffany, the LYS owner, was helpful, knowledgeable and gracious. She even gifted each of us felted slippers; mine said “Knitting Queen.” Needless to say, we bought the MOST yarn at her store. Stitch Cafe was next, where we saw beautiful hand-dyed yarn, picked up more yarny goodness at 15% off, and got a free shrug pattern.

Bear with me while I figure out how to put cool buttons and stuff on my blog. Ciao, Bella!


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  1. Wow, you got a JOB?? What’s the employee discount? Too bad I moved so far away or I’d help you use it. Hey, I love your blog. it’s very hip. What a coincidence…I was just surfing knitting blogs because I discovered the one thing I can knit for myself here in Hawaii, seeing as it’s too HOT to wear scarves, sweaters or socks anymore. I’m going to knit leis! Yes, they actually do that here. And they really give them out willy nilly, for any special occasion. I met a grandma at Colin’s baseball game who taught me the basics, so wish me luck!! Here’s a picture of what I’m going for…the one in the picture is crocheted, but it looks the same as the knitted ones: http://www.fuzzygalore.biz/patterns/lei.shtml. I miss you Mare!!

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