Goodies in the Mail

Isn’t it great when you order things online, forget about it, and get a nice surprise when it comes weeks later? Here is today’s surprise:

4 addi turbo’s in sizes 0 (24″ and 32″) and 1 (24″ and 32″). I got them on eBay, 4 for $32. This definitely qualifies as one of the best deals in town, or more like the world because he ships from Hong Kong. They’re for the socks I promised my sweetie girl and for yours truly. I’m hoping to learn how to do toe-up, short row heel socks on 2 circs at the same time. With the way I get distracted from projects by anything shiny, I don’t want to risk contracting second sockitis.

Here’s what I’ve done so far on the back triangle of the silky tie wrap. It’s supposed to be done for a wedding next weekend. We’ll see if I can stay focused long enough to finish it done.

It’s raining outside; the kids have friends over to keep them occupied; perfect time for knitting.


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