Another One Bites the Dust
You knew it was coming, and I was too hopeful to admit it. Sweetie girl is now running a fever. I encourage my kids to share, and I guess this is proof they do, even germs. On top of that, sweetie boy needed stronger meds on Friday evening, and this morning he has a rash all over. We’re heading back to urgent care this afternoon to switch out his meds.

On the knitting front, here are the pics of the silky tie wrap, modeled by yours truly. The pattern was one of Iris Shreier’s modular knits, and it was quite fun. I got a little aggressive on the blocking action in the back, so it’s a bit wider and more flappy than I like. If I did it again, I’d use the worsted weight, drapey yarn, called for in the pattern, rather than the fingering weight Catania. Jillian, one of my SnB knitting buds, complimented me on the lace. Huh? Wha? Who? Me? Lace? I guess it’s kinda lacy, so does that qualify? It’s amazing, the things I stupidly accomplish without trying. Next up, the Odessa hat by Grumperina, and a knitted babe for my sickie sweetie girl.


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  1. Looks fab on you, Mary! See, the kung fu keeps those arms toned and trim so you can wear good stuff like that! Sorry the kidlets are still sick–hope you’ll be able to ditch the nursing duty soon. Of course, as long as you can knit, it isn’t all bad, right? Oh, and I think my WIP/UFO pile is bigger than yours, but then I have been knitting a lot longer!

  2. It looks beautiful on you Mary! I love the color. I hope the kids get better soon and you can make it to SnB on Wednesday. I’m finally going to make an appearance. How long has it been? I think about two months…ouch. I’ve been missing my new knitting buddies!

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