Day 13
We’re on Day 13 here at the house of sick. 13 days, people, of caring for sick kids. I know I’m bad. I know I say bad, mean things. I’ve always said I’m going to you-know-where when I die, so I might as well have some fun. I guess this is some kind of punishment, because I’m starting to get sick in the head. 13 days of staying in my pajamas along with the sickies. 13 days of not really going anywhere, except the doctor’s office and the drug store for my children’s tylenol. 13 days of staying in my pajamas, sitting around on my fat a$$, and not interacting with adults makes you start to think you’re sick. Here’s the *bright* spot: We’re now officially on spring break which means the sweeties are home with me for all of next week. Joy Joy Joy. I’m being punished for something; I just know it.

I’m getting some knitting done but not as much as I’d like, of course. I finished the Odessa hat and the knitted babe for sweetie girl. I”m now working on a little sweater top, so knitted babe does not become knitted porn star. Did you know there’s a knitted babe KAL? Very cute and I’ll be joining soon. I’ll try to post pictures soon.


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  1. The kids can’t stay sick forever, right?? Soon life will be back to normal, I just know it, and your SNB buds will be happy to see you and all your FOs!

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