Orangina Swatch
The official start of the Sexy Knitter’s Club KAL started on Saturday. I chose Orangina by Stefanie Japel, and may attempt Somewhat Cowl by Wendy Bernard at another time. Of course, I didn’t attempt to even swatch until last night. I’m still sick; my throat is on fire; and you know what that means. When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting. I dutifully knit a swatch. In the wise words of Jillian, she wrote, “You. Must. Swatch.” Okay, okay, that *tone* was enough to scare the crap out of me. And I’m glad I swatched, whether out of fear from the knitting gods, Jillian, or boredom. I used the size 3s, as the pattern calls for. I measured the completed swatch, 4″ across the top, 4 1/2 ” across the bottom. Hmmm. Okay, time to give it a bath. The next morning, my swatch had grown a bit. 4 1/4″ across the top and 4 3/4″ across the bottom. I guess I’m gonna knit this baby on size 2s, go down a pattern size, and hope and pray to the knitting gods that it’ll come out okay. Wish me luck!


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  1. I’m using the Rowan 4 Ply as well, knitting the smallest size. I am normally a 34, but I had to decrease by 27 stitches! The yarn in combo with the pattern makes for a HUGE sweater, so cast on accordingly!

  2. Mary I hope you and your family are all feeling better soon. Besides swatching, please know that most of us who’ve started this already have frogged the first attempt and reduced the # of cast on stitches because it is so big. I’ve never experienced anything like it, but I’ve never knit a lace top-down knit either. If you like your fabric from the swatch, you won’t necessarily have to go down to a size 2, just reduce the # of stitches you cast on. No matter how you cut it, those YO’s make big holes and you’re probably going to want to wear a cami under it.
    I love your color. (I’m a big pink girl myself)

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