Introducing Poppy!

Meet Poppy, the latest FO. Sweetie girl has been asking about a knitted babe for quite some time, and since she was sick all last week, that was the time to tackle the project. Poppy is the name sweetie girl chose, along with the brown hair and brown eyes combo to look just like her (no surprise!).

Poppy and her complete outfit, including sandals, were finished in just a few days. I used the patterns from the Knitted Babes book for everything except the skirt. The sassy skirt was an original mommy daughter design. All the pieces, except the sandals, were knit in the round to avoid seaming. I used the 2 circular needle method which I enjoy so much more than dpns. The yarn for the body was Encore DK, knitted on size 2s. The pattern calls for fingering weight, but I decided on this yarn because of the skin color and easy care. The sweater, skirt and sandals were made also with size 2s and leftover stash yarn, Lion Brand Baby Soft, which is sport weight. Sweetie girl chose the colors for the sweater and skirt. If anybody is interested in the pattern for the skirt, email me.

The best part of this project? Sweetie girl really wanted to help, so she stuffed Poppy and then sewed up the opening. Her first time sewing! Everybody together now… aaawww. This was a fun and easy project, and I will probably make more, so Poppy can have a friend or two. Nothing like a few knitted babes to entertain sweetie girl and her friends on their playdates.


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  1. Mary, Great job on the knitted babe. I’d love to have the pattern for the skirt. These babes are such fun to make but there aren’t enough knit/crochet clothing patterns. My email is on my blog. Thanks!

  2. Poppy is fantastic! You and your daughter should be proud! šŸ™‚ Love the skirt!

  3. mary I too would love the pattern. the one in the book is in garter stitch which i hate doing šŸ™‚
    thank you for sharing. the best to poppy and your daughter.

  4. Lady Misty Morn

    Absolutely adorable…great job!

    They look so cute toghether, and sweetie girl sewing, what an accomplishment, now she has something that both of you worked on together that she can keep for her sweetie girl.

  5. aaaawwww… man she looks older already!!!!!!!!!!! (posted by the ugly hat reciepent to shy to email a picture :))

  6. What a couple of cuties!

  7. Ok… being anonymous is good when you can’t form proper sentences or spell šŸ™‚ It has been brought to my attention that my phraseology in my previous comment could be SEORIOUSLY misconstrued; so to clarify the hat is NOT ugly, the reciepient is (and too obviously not all that bright either :)).

  8. Hello,
    I love your knitted babe. I have my first ready to be stuffed but I am worried about how to attach the hair. How did you attach yours? I would also love the pattern for the skirt (Too cute). You can send it to


  9. First time visitor…Poppy is adorable! I love her hair — what yarn did you use?

  10. Oh I love your Poppy’s hair also. Would you send me the skirt pattern? It is so cute. I just got the book and can’t wait to get started on my first one. Well I plan to do 2 this weekend. [I have 17 grandchildren & 9 are girls] Even the 16 yr old would love this doll! My email is in my profile. Thanks & happy knitting.

  11. I like your yarn choices – I just purchased the Knitted Babes Book and was wondering what type and shade of yarn to use for the body. Finding fingering weight in flesh tones might be a problem when you don’t want to spend mega-bucks on yarn!

    Nice skirt, by the way. I’be bookmarked the pattern for future use.

    Publishing a complete list of yarns would be most helpful; (if you have the time)!
    Laura in Austin

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