How Cool Is That?
There has been controversy over gauge and number of stitches for Orangina over at the Sexy Knitters Club. I’ve read about others’ mishaps and multiple cast ons. Even after I posted about my swatch, wonderful members of the knitting community cautioned me to be careful of stitch count. What was I to do? I went straight to the source, and emailed Stefanie Japel, the designer, for any tips and questions about the gauge. She responded right away, and we even emailed back and forth another round after that. Her response was pretty much what she had posted on SKC, but I thought it was so cool that a designer, busy with a full-time job, just settling back into the US, setting up house, took the time to respond immediately. Call me naive, but I think this knitting community rocks. Today, Stefanie even posted a picture on her blog of someone else’s completed Orangina and their words of experience. So what am I going to do about gauge and stitch count? I’m going to stick with my initial plan of going down to US 2s, cast on very loosely, and knit the smaller size. I’m a loose knitter anyway, and right between two sizes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this works.


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