Hippy Dippy
Here’s the finished shrug. It’s kinda hippy dippy style, but at least it’s done. I’ve gotten compliments on it from the mom friends at school. They’re reaction was the same as my original one: “It’s not knit, is it?” Because it’s so holey and lacy, it looked like crochet to me. I think that’s why I liked the shrug so much when I first saw it at the store. The sleeves are a bit wider than I would have liked, but it’s because I knit so loosely. C’est la vie. My 9-year-old sweetie boy took this picture; not bad for a beginning photographer. I guess I’ll go and water my dying plant now.

Next up: Orangina. Too bad it’s proving to be the bane of my existence thus far. What’s the problem, you say? It has a series of repeats, which to a normal knitter shouldn’t be a problem. After 2 inches or so, my stitch count was off, so I tried to frog back an inch. Stitch count was still off so I frogged the whole thing in a flurry of Rowan 4 ply. After I cast on again, I religiously counted the number of stitches, got the right number, and did a few more rows. My count was off again! I tinked back one row, and got the right number. Now I have to painstakingly knit one repeat and count the 9 stitches of the repeat before moving on. I think I have to keep doing this deliberate knitting thing until I’m more confident with the pattern and the count. I think I need to just shut up and knit when working on this project.


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  1. I’ve been having the same problem with Orangina, but I’ve finally figured out that most of my mistakes come from starting with the wrong number of knits before the YO or forgetting to slip the stitch over the other one in the left-slanting decrease. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey, I think the shrug sleeves look great. They totally look like you meant to make bell sleeves, and are very pretty.
    Good luck with Orangina….

  3. That look so cute!!

    A couple suggestions for following a repeating pattern with YO’s that might help – 1) put stitch markers between the repeats (at least until you have it down pat), and 2) it is easiest to miss a YO – and if so you can create a YO by picking one up from the row below like your a re doing a lifted make-one without having to tink back. This last is especially useful in combo with the stitch markers. This way you know right away if you are missing a stitch and where.

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