Pasadena Daytimers
Every Wednesday morning, after I drop off sweetie girl at school, I go to my SnB group, affectionately dubbed the Pasadena Daytimers. We’re supposed meet from 10 to 1 but I always stay until 2 when it’s time to pick up the sweeties at school. We meet at a great coffee shop called Zephyr Coffee House. It’s a small house that was converted to a coffee shop, and we take over one of the rooms. Usually, at least 6 people show up but we have been known to grow to 12 on occasion. We love having new knitters join us, and in the past few weeks, we’ve had 3 knitters join us. Practically every Tuesday night, I clap my hands with glee and tell my husband that tomorrow is knitting day! Marie calls this her guilty pleasure, but I consider it more of a necessity. I missed 3 weeks in a row because of the house of sick, and I was so depressed. I finally made it to our meeting yesterday, and now I’m right as rain! I remember the first SnB meeting with Marie and Joan, huddled at a tiny Starbucks table. In June we celebrate our 1 year anniversary, so we gonna plan some big celebration because it deserves it! Here are some of us happily knitting away. I just love the Pasadena Daytimers.


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  1. Hey, we do rock! I’m pleased as can be to be part of this great group of knitting/crocheting mavens!

  2. Me too! Finding the Pasadena Daytimers has been a great gift…one that has enriched my life with the best knittin buddies in the world. Knit on!

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