Orangina Crawl-along

Welcome to my Orangina Crawl-along. I swear I work on it every day but I’ve only got 8 inches so far. With Jillian’s sage advice I was able to conquer the repeat and stitch count battle, and now I have no problems humming along. I’m enjoying the results, and boy oh boy, have I received great compliments from people. I’m just impatient and wish I could zip along faster. Here’s a picture for you visual folks.

Yesterday was another SnB meeting, and it was hoppin’. Apologies in advance for the low-fi pictures; I only had my phone with me and it had to do in a pinch. We put together a gift basket for Joan who was having a rough time with her hubby’s illness. We’re so glad things are A-okay!

Here’s our special guest, Mason, with mom Kille and Joan. Absolute cutie-patootie!

Azusa Marie picked up some free cones of yarn from a friend. I brought my 8 or 9 cones. Add in 4 identical Royal ball winders, and ladies and gentlemen, we have yarn cakes (see pic at top)! It was fun mixing the different strands of yarn together to get your own creation. The picture at the top shows only about half of the balls we wound. Of course, we have enough yarn still on the cones for a whole heckuva lot more. Here’s our newest member, Tamara, winding her very first ball, along with cybertech Azusa Marie.

Joan, such a sweetie, offered to take them home and wind some up. Add in the knitting, eating, laughing, and all-in-all, we had a rockin’ good time. It was great fun sharing the love.


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  1. There has never been a more special and caring group of people than our Pasadena Daytimers (and Night-timers, too). I had no idea of the fun surprise that I was going to receive. I love and cherish each of you as my Friends.

  2. That’s yarn aplenty!! It is a truly fabulous group – I only wish I could visit more often and for longer!! Can’t wait for the next crawl!

  3. The true test of all that pretty yarn is going to be seeing what gets knitted up out of it!! Can’t wait for that show-and-tell. Orangina is lookin’ good, growing nicely, too.

  4. your orangina looks great! i loved making mine so much that i think i’m going to make a red one too. keep up the great work. can’t wait to see the finished beauty!

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