Quickie Post

Did you notice the cool little silver stitch markers on my Orangina WIP that I posted yesterday? Those were a gift from Azusa Marie. At SnB last week, she was telling us about her stitch markers that are cheaper for her to make than buy (??), and she whipped out a packet of them. They have inspirational little words on each one, like live, love, laugh, and imagine. After my oohing and aahing, I think she felt compelled to shut me up by giving me a few. Trying to keep the inner glutton in me concealed, I only accepted four, and I did try to be gracious about it. So here they are. Aren’t they the coolest? Thanks, Marie. You rock!


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  1. Those are gorgeous!! She should sell them! I’d buy some 🙂

  2. Lady Misty Morn

    You’re welcome Mary! It was my pleasure, I just love to see people enjoy things that I’ve put together with my own 2 hands, it’s worth way more than money to me.

  3. I’d love stitch markers like those. She should sell them! If she does, email me at rae dot brosnan at gmail dot com!!

  4. I think they’re great–I have a packet of them, and I love them!

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