Do you remember back in the 80’s when tough women were called Studettes? Okay, maybe you’re too young. Well, anyway, my 15-year-old NIECE Katie has blown that phrase out of the water. She is what you call Stud… or more like S-T-U-D. She just earned her 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She started when she was 7, and has been training in TKD for 8 years, more than half of her life. She inspires me with her focus and drive. This picture is from her belt test and she is breaking 4 wooden boards consecutively with her feet. Stud, I tell you. Congrats, Katie! You rock!

Additional note: Katie’s parents, Teresa and George, have done an incredible job raising Katie and her sister Jackie, 2 girls who are growing up to be smart, strong and independent young women.


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  1. Wow – that’s fantastic. I’m so impressed. I love to see strong women, both physically and emotionally. This will give Katie such an edge in her adult life.

    You must be beyond proud.

    Also. I Can. Not. believe you have a 15-yo daughter. Really. I knew it academically, but I always picture you with 5 year olds.

  2. Wow!!! “…my 15-year-old Kaitie…” Does that mean you are adopting her? 🙂 That’s great, just when she is starting to enter a phase I REALLY don’t want to deal with (i.e. dating :)) I can get rid of her!

  3. Oh Crap! She’s my niece, not my daughter! I guess I was so excited and proud that I left out that tiny bit! I just fixed it!

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