Hurray for Ice Cream

I finally casted on for the Wobbly Circles Felted Tote. The KAL started on April 15th, but for various and sundry reasons, I didn’t get it started until Wednesday. And after I casted on, I had some serious color remorse. Have you ever had a great idea for a color combination, but when you actually knit it up, you were skeptical? That’s me and my wobbly. What’s the problem, you ask? It’s a bit BRIGHT! Yes, I am yelling for emphasis. Because it really is BRIGHT! The pink and orange remind me of going for Baskin Robbins ice cream when I was a kid. I went through a phase when I would order a scoop of strawberry ice cream and a scoop of orange sherbet every single time. After the ice cream got a bit melty, you could swirl it together and get this wonderful melange of pinky-orange or orangey-pink. Yummmm…

My wobbly also reminds me of different flavors of sherbet: raspberry, lime, orange and grape. Now I’m making myself hungry. From the Pasadena Daytimers, my wonderfully supportive SnB group, I’m getting encouragement and positive feedback that the colors look good, but I also know that people lie because they don’t want to hurt you feelings. We’ll see how my wobbly turns out.

Here’s a gratuitous picture of my sweetie girl. She turned 6 today and we had a blast celebrating… all. day. long. Here she is, party girl and then, exhausted and sleeping.


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  1. Mary, I think the colors are pretty. Also, I bet they will get more muted when it is felted. And your little daughter is so precious. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. I LOVE your colors! I think it will make a stunning bag when you are all done! Happy B-day to your daughter as well!! You will have to read to her from A.A. Milne’s book – “Now we are six”. It is a great book!! Keep us posted on how you are progressing on your tote!


  3. I think your Baskin Robbins bag looks great. And when it’s felted it’ll be all fuzzy and softer looking, and the perfect knitting project bag size. See? All good. (insert dorky Star Wars “trust the Force” sentiment here and keep on knittin’)
    Happy birthday to your daughter, too!

  4. As everyone has said, they will be blendy and muted after felted. I think you should go with your first instinct!

    Happy 6th to your lovely girl!

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