No Camera, No Pictures, No Fun!

My camera went kaput last week at Sweetie Girl’s birthday party. At least I got enough good pictures before it went out. The new camera is on order but for now I am camera-less. Please bear with the photo-less blog.

I have finished the first half of Orangina and a few rows into the second half. It’s going along quite well, although not as quickly as I would like. I’m just the impatient type, I guess. No progress on the Basket Robbins wobbly tote; just trying to focus on finishing Orangina before the May 31 deadline. No recent yarn acquisitions. No new projects cast on; just trying to swatch for a pair of socks for Sweetie Girl but not much luck. Just. Focusing. on. Orangina. Oh wait, I did do something new. I signed up for the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange. My first secret pal exchange. I’m looking forward to it. I was a little chicken to sign up for it on my own, so I convinced Jillian to join with me. It’s not likely that we’ll even get each other as secret pals, but I just felt less-chickeny (technical term, mind you) having someone do it with me. I’m looking forward to spoiling my secret pal, once I find out who it is.

I’ve had spring fever in a big way. Cleaned out boxes and boxes from the garage; loaded up the van and donated stuff to Goodwill. Redoing Sweetie Girl’s room so she has a desk now and a trundle. Cleaned out TONS of her old toys to make room for her new birthday toys. Cleaned out lots of old books and will donate them and her old toy bin to her kindergarten classroom. It always feels great when the stuff can be put to good use. We also cleaned out the back yard, got rid of a lot of old patio furniture, and made room for a new set. I also gardened. Did you hear me correctly? I said, I also gardened. Mark this day on your calendar because it probably won’t happen for another five years. A gardener, I am not. Sweetie Girl and I planted petunias, after I added almost a big bag of Amend to the soil. She also got some daisy seeds for her birthday and we scattered those. Don’t expect much from them but it could be a nice surprise. Now, if we can only remember to water those daily! 🙂 Happy Spring, everybody!


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  1. Oh no – broken at the birthday bash??? My canera’s been kaput too – but i haven’t gotten around to selecting a new one yet. Lazy me.

    I am going to start Oragina soon – I decided to gift it to my sis for her birthday at end of June (will I have enough time??).

    I haven’t signed up for the One Skein SP yet because of the whole anonymous email thing. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and get a non-mac account and track it. But I really don’t want to. I suppose if I ever want to be in a secret exchange I’ll have to do this. Might as well be now.

  2. Lady Misty Morn

    First Marie’s computer, then Jillian’s camera, and now yours, does that count as 3 so nothing else will break for a while?

    Sounds like a productive weekend, will you come do my house next? I need a spring cleaning in a serious way both in the house and in the garden.

    Wasn’t the dead line for the One Skein Secret Pal 5/1?

  3. Hey, you’re cookin’ on Orangina. Way to go! Will you have it finished for Wednesday’s SNB?

    I, too, need to get motivated in the garden. So many weeds, and I’d rather be knitting….

  4. Marie, I can barely motivate myself to clean my own garden and garage, so I need to keep my spring fever and cleaning mojo focused at this time. However, if you want me to go through your house, garage and garden and randomly through stuff away, I can help do that. Just watch out, because yarn might disappear! And yes, 5/1 was the deadline for the one skein secret pal exchange. Are you doing it?

  5. Madge, I like your blissfully ignorant optimism about finishing orangina by Wednesday. I’ll bring it in all its unfinished glory to work on.

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