In the Homestretch

I’ve joined the front and back to start the ribbing and I’m one inch into it, only 3 more inches to go. How exciting! I can see the finish line and it’s getting exciting. I think I’m just gonna make the May 31 deadline. I still need to seam the sides and shoulders but I’m looking forward to having an fo that I can actually wear.

Have you ever injured or almost injured yourself trying to get that perfect picture for your blog? I have almost injured myself twice, and I’m embarrassed to say they were both the same way. I lay my WIPs (not my whips!) on my bedspread, and open the blinds to the big window next to my bed to get good natural lighting. Even when it’s overcast like this morning, I still get a great amount of light in my bedroom. I start my photo shoots by snapping pictures while standing to the right. Then I try a picture or two standing to the left, and realize, duh!, I’m blocking the wonderful natural light. Then, Einstein that I am, I realize I need a different angle, a little variety. So I climb onto the bed and stand over the project to get just the right picture, when it happens. I almost get my head whacked by the spinning ceiling fan blades. Spinning blades of death, I tell you.

Not once, people, but twice. I never claimed to be a rocket scientist, genius or even a smart cookie. Please tell me if you have ever done anything this stupid while trying to get your blog pictures. If I don’t receive any emails, I’ll know that I’m the stupidest person on earth. 🙂 Have a great Sunday!


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  1. No, not me. But my husband, I am sure, has suffered injuries from trying to capture the perfect shot. I await the day when he falls over into the Grand Canyon trying to snap a shot of some natural wildlife that we normally would see in our backyard. Ah, marital bliss!

    By the way, if you watch Mythbusters, you will know that you will NOT cut off your head on a ceiling fan. How do I know that? My husband.

  2. Does walking backward into a cactus count? Or how about overbalancing into a puddle? Let’s see… I could go on and on. No spinning blades of death, though. And, while you might not cut your head off on the fan, you could sure get one heck of a bruise!

  3. Your Orangina is going to be lovely. I adore that shade of pink-red yarn!

    I almost fell over into a garden bed today. It’s easy to do that stuff when you are focusing so much on the picture!!

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