No Working Zone

The rain stopped and the sun popped! Since it’s Memorial Day Weekend, no working allowed around this house. How about a relaxing day in the backyard poolside? Sweetie Girl enjoys lazing in the pool and being an artiste poolside.

Sweetie Husband enjoys an outdoor nap.

Sweetie Boy enjoys being a couch potato.

Can you guess what I’m enjoying? The picture at the top says it all. I cast on Clapotis, using Sock Landscape from KnitPicks. This yarn is surprisingly soft and springy. While the yarn is of a smaller gauge than called for, it’ll still turn out to be a nice scarf, definitely not big enough to be a stole or shawl. I’m speeding along quite well doing stockinette. The combination knitting technique makes this pattern so easy. When I’m purling along and come to a stitch that’s later supposed to be knit in the back, I just purl the regular way. I’m really enjoying dropping and unraveling the stitches. Why is it that we so enjoy undoing something we enjoyed creating? Is it because dropping stitches is usually taboo, and when given the permission, we embrace, nay revel in!, the unthinkable??? Hope you’re enjoying doing things you’re not supposed to be doing this weekend. I am.

BTW, Orangina is done done done! Woo hoo! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow.


2 responses to “

  1. What a wonderful holiday weekend you and your family are having.

    Congrats on finishing Orangina!! (with three whole days to spare even….)

  2. Your family is beautiful!! Looks like a wonderful weekend.

    Can’t wait to see Orangina!

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