My One Skein Secret Pal Rocks!

I received my first skein of yarn from my One Skein Secret Pal and the great postcard she sent with it. The yarn she sent me is Malabrigo Tortuga. It’s so scrumptiously soft; I love pulling it out every so often just to caress it. It’s green with wonderful different shades of teal, blue and grey; so subtle and understated (unlike me). The postcard is of Japanese skiers at the “skiing ground of Tazawa-ko Heights” and she wrote the nicest note. She said she chose it because it’s her all-time favorite yarn because it’s so soft, comes in great colors, knits up beautifully, is produced by a women’s cooperative in Uruguay, and each skein has substantial yardage. I didn’t know that Malabrigo was produced by a women’s cooperative, so I learned something new. I love her thoughtfulness!

Here is a close up of the Malabrigo, and her first postcard from Japan of Sumo Wrestlers. The return address said Japan, and she had previously sent me a postcard also from Japan. So cool having an international secret pal. I am so excited! I do love a good mystery and I consider myself so lucky to have a fun and playful secret pal. Until now, I’ve always been one of the ones that organizes secret pal exchanges and ends up with total *crap* at the end.

One Skein Secret Pal, thank you thank you thank you! for the beautiful malabrigo yarn. It’s ridiculously soft and squishy. I can’t wait to knit it up into something. Do you have any suggestions on what I should make from the One Skein book? Please leave a comment or email me with any ideas.

As for my secret pal I give to, I’m enjoying reading her blog and choosing her skeins of yarn. I’m having fun choosing yarn for her and possible projects to make for her from One Skein. Would she rather have the cable scarf made from Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton? Or a felted clutch? Or a cravat made of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino? Or a little bag made from Louet MerLin Avalon merino/linen blend? Here are pictures of the first skein I’m sending her. I love all of these variegated colors. These colors look so different that you could think they’re from different skeins. I’m not going to write what the yarn is lest she miraculously figures out who I am, but you’re free to guess!


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  1. I’m glad to the package made it to you, (and so quickly!), and that you liked it. Whenever I get my hands on Malabrigo, I find myself picking up the hank and petting it–a lot! I wished I could have sent you something a little brighter, but it’s hard to come by in Japan (as is just about any yarn brand popular in the US or UK) so my choices were quite limited!

    I don’t have the One Skein book (the one bookstore in my city that carries English books doesn’t have it) so I can’t recommend something specifically from that book until this summer, when I am back in the States and have a chance to look through it. I made a great neckwarmer with half a skein (Cherry Garcia from but I doubt you would need an item in SoCal! I’ll let you know if I think of any good ideas.

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