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I went to pick up Sweetie Boy this afternoon from Chess Academy which is an 8 week after-school program. He brought home this trophy he won for first place in his grade level tournament. It’s so big I call it his new roommate. I think I was more surprised than Sweetie Boy. We’re so proud of him!


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  1. Wow, that’s an amazing trophy! Congrats to sweetie boy aka chessmaster superstar.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I can see why you are so proud of him. Chess master, soccer champ, what a kid.

  3. Wow, what a kid, and that’s quite the impressive trophy! Chess is definitely big with the public schools here- every year one of the Elementary schools hosts an all day chess challenge and they all come home with new chess sets (which gives us maybe 5 now…). My kids loved it!

  4. Hey, theres a monkey hanging on the side of the bed!

  5. Congrats!! You must be so proud! I am just amazed that that trophy is actually as big as him!

  6. Hi Mary- Just got your question about my Jaywalkers. I’m using Plymouth Socketta (Sockotta?) which is 45 wool, 45 cotton and 10 nylon, or something along those lines. The yarn can be somewhat stretchy (I made my first pair of sock which were just a ribbed top out of it, and they are great) but (and I think I read this somewhere else) the pattern doesn’t have a lot of give built into it- just an inch of ribbing up top, and then the rest is fairly flat knit with increases and decreases every row. So, it’s the kind of pattern that you need to make sure will fit across the foot before you start, b/c you’ll only have a little wiggle room (which is probably true of most patterns, right?). Although, if you had some sock yarn w/a little lycra, or something else that’s really stretchy you’d probably be ok. Make sense?

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