Here’s the picture of the Koigu wristwarmers that Blogger wouldn’t let me upload. So, I cheated and created a new post instead. It’s a beautiful combination of reds, browns and golds. It’s for a kungfu sister, and I don’t know what colors she likes. I rarely see her in clothes other than our black and gold kungfu uniform and what I do remember are mostly earth tones. I hope she likes it.


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  1. So pretty! I’ve never used Koigu (I don’t think my LYS sells it. Our annual excursion up north may have to include some better yarn shops.) Does it really feel as soft as they say? Something else to add to the list of must-knits…

  2. pretty! I think this will make some interesting wristwarmers–I like the way the color varies between the knit and purl stitches on the ribbing!

  3. Oh, I just heart your KPPM. Isn’t it luscious? Perfect for wristwarmers…what a wonderful gift you’re making your kung fu buddy.

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