La La Progress

On Monday I finished the koigu wristwarmers that were a gift, and gave them away that evening. They were a birthday gift for my Kungfu sister, and she seemed happy with them. I hadn’t finished them yet, when I went to her birthday party/bbq. I pulled them out to work on them, and she asked what I was making. It was fun to see her expression when I told her it was her birthday present. I even had her try them on while still on the needles. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the completed project. When I see her wearing them, I’ll try to remember to snap a picture. I’m happy with how they turned out, nice and stretchy. They were an easy project, other than working with size 1 needles. So now, all attention is turned on the La La. Here it is stretched out but not in its intended final shape.

I’m making mine bigger than the finished dimensions of the pattern. The scarf looks too much like a boy scout neckerchief for me, so it’ll be a shawl instead. I’m using KnitPicks Shadow in 3 colors: grape jelly (purple) , jewels (blue) and campfire (orange). The purple is the main body with blue and orange for the ruffle. I started on Bryspun size 10 needles but got frustrated when I couldn’t stretch out the shawl to see the progress. I switched to Denise size 10 circulars, snapping together the two longest cables. Ahhh, now I can see my work in progress. This picture shows half of it in its intended shape. The ruffle will run along the diagonal edge. As for the needles, I’m glad I followed the advice of lace experts and tried the Bryspuns. They were perfect for this laceweight yarn, as the yarn gripped it well enough and didn’t slide around too much. The Denises are also great to knit with and I’m happy to have the extra cable. Without the Denises and extra long cable, I wouldn’t be able to see and enjoy the progress. I’m grooving on this quick and easy knit and looking forward to finishing it up, so I can block it. When this is done, I think I need to start on another pair of wristwarmers for another Kungfu sister whose birthday was Monday. I hope I get through the birthday gifts, so I can finish Sweetie Girl’s socks and swatch something proper for my Picovoli. I’m dying to get started on it.

Happy 4th of July for those of you who celebrate it!


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  1. Love that purple!! Your La La is looking great!

    Happy 4th~I imagine you are all in the pool!

  2. Love your shawl, it is going to be so pretty. I agree about the size.

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