La La Ta Da!

Not quite but almost done. I just have to add the row of single crochet onto the top edge and block lightly. Of course, as always, I had a big Oh Cr*p! moment as I was binding off. I found a dropped stitch. So now it looks like a hole in the middle of it. I had already bound off that portion of the scarf when I found the stitch trying to make a run for it. I laddered up and tugged a bit here and there. I need to work on adjusting the extra yarn a little bit better and see what happens after blocking. Other than that, I’m still quite happy with it. I envision wearing it at night when we go on our annual vacation to family camp. It’ll be a light cover up at night time when the weather cools just a tad.

I’m still in swatching H-E-double hockey sticks for picovoli. After Marie’s great idea of using the magic loop method, I dutifully made my circular swatch with my 32″ size 4’s. And my gauge was still too big! Doh! So I tossed it into the washer and dryer, hoping it might shrink just a tad. No luck. I’m back to swatching on size 3’s now. Let’s hope I get all of the bad knitting mojo out on the swatches, and when I *actually* start the sweater, it’ll hum along swimmingly. Here are the pictures before and after it was tossed into the washer and dryer. Not much difference except for the curling.

I also started another set of Koigu KPPM wristwarmers for another kungfu sister’s birthday. She’s partial to anything blue, so blue is what she gets. I found the previous set of wristwarmers a bit too snug, so I’m using my addi turbo size 2 needles this time. I got the yarn this weekend, and Jillian, one of my knitting buddies, also got the exact same yarn on her own at a different store this weekend. Great minds think alike.

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  1. All the pretty colors! Your La La is so beautiful!!

    It still blows my mind that we picked out the same color of Koigu – I mean how MANY colors are there??? Too cool. And it knits up so purty!

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