Flavor of the Week

This weekend, my sister took Sweetie Girl to the American Girl store at The Grove and got her a belated birthday present. She chose Jess, the American Girl Doll of the Year who also happens to be half-Asian and half-caucasian, and promptly renamed her Grace. Coincidentally, that happens to be Sweetie Girl’s middle name. Sweetie Girl’s older cousin braided her hair in the store, so she could match Grace. In addition to watching the American Girl show in their theater and partaking of lunch at the in-store cafe (neither of which we did), you can buy lots of matching clothes for the dolls and their owners. There were lots of people dropping lots of cash for these dolls. A Big thanks to Sweetie Girl’s Sweetie Auntie and Uncle who treated her.

At the store they had an adorable crocheted cap, doll sized and girl sized, so that’s my flavor of the week. A crocheted lacy skull cap for Sweetie Girl, Grace the doll, Sweetie Girl’s cousin and her new doll. Let’s hope my knitting ADD doesn’t kick in and I can actually finish 4 caps!


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  1. Hi Mary- Sounds very familiar. My big girl got “Marisol” for christmas. The doll is supposed to be Mexican, I think, and my dad is dominican, but she looks an awful lot like my big girl. Be careful, though, once you start, it’s hard to stop. We have 3 AG dolls, it’s a big money grab (and we are foolish enough to fall for it). Sweetie girl looks mighty cute, though… Good luck with the cap- sounds like fun.

  2. I think the caps will be great! I know the dolls are pricey, but they are sooo worth it–they hold up to lots and lots of play, and it is such fun to dress doll and girl alike. My youngest granddaughters got Felicity and Elizabeth for Christmas (they are Victoria and Elizabeth…) and they are just loving them!

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