Knitting Workshop???

We spent the weekend at Sweetie Boy’s soccer tournament in San Bernardino where temps got up to 104. Hot hot hot. They played their hearts out and came in 2nd place. They did a fine, fine job, and we are so proud of Sweetie Boy and his team. Sweetie Boy scored a goal, too! I love watching each boy on that team work hard, develop new skills, and improve, all while having fun. It’s exciting to see it happen just over the course of 4 games in one weekend.

A few of the Moms had mentioned they wanted to learn how to knit, so I told them tournament time was the best for it… lots of sitting around and waiting for our games. I set up about 6 or 7 Moms and daughters/sisters with their Plymouth Encore and size 9 needles. Based on Fay Lynn’s wonderful advice, I cast on for each of them and showed them the knit stitch. As expected, some took to it more quickly than others, but everybody did a wonderful job. They learned their little rhyme, again big thanks to Fay Lynn:

In through the front door / Run around the back / Peek through the window /
Off jumps jack

This is my lovely friend, Sandy. Sandy learned to knit as a child, and after I showed her once, she took to it, like a fish to water. Nice, beautiful, even stitches. Well done!

Fay Lynn said I was brave to do a knitting workshop at a soccer tourney. Surprised to hear it called that, I told her I didn’t think of it as a workshop. I was simply showing a few friends how to knit. They also worked hard, developed new skills and improved. Some of the boys expressed interest in wanting to learn to knit also. I’m game! But let’s not call it anything, especially not a workshop.

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  1. Who better to teach knitting than you! That is hot to be playing a soccer tournament. I know the Moms kept the kids refreshed with lots of drinks etc. Hope you asked them (the new knitting Mom’s) to join us Wednesdays.

  2. That’s fantastic. I’ve had a few people ask me to teach them, and I’m a little reluctant. Sometimes its hard to explain something, even if you have no problems doing it! Good Job.
    You’ll be proud- I went to my first SNB meeting yesterday. It was lots of fun- interesting women, and I even knew one already.
    Glad you liked Tempting II. Put it on your list (after Picovoli, of course). Love those fast knits…

  3. That’s terrific! Let the world domination roll on!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Congrats to Sweetie Boy and his team…and the newbie knitters, one and all. Mary, I think you’re the patron saint of knitting…who else would be teaching people to knit in 104 degree temps?? You do our knittin’ nation proud.

  5. Soccer, knitting–it doesn’t get any better than that, does it? I know I used to get a lot of knitting done at soccer games! I hope we will start seeing some of the new knitters at our Wed. meetings! The more the merrier…

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