Too Much ‘Tude

I think I’m jaded as to the service I expect at a LYS, since I happen to work at one. I learned this about myself while at the LYS in Berkeley. I expect a little greeting, hello or acknowledgement that I’ve entered the store, and maybe a little “let me know if you need help”. I didn’t get that at this store. In fact, when I had a question, I had to stand at the counter in front of the 3 women sitting behind the counter who were just chatting. One by one they stopped talking, but avoided eye contact with me, until the third looked up at me and pleasantly said hello. Maybe they were waiting for me to interrupt with my question? I don’t know; I kinda think it’s rude. Is LA so different from Northern California? Or are my expectations unreasonable? We’ve all heard the stories about the LYS with so much ‘tude they can’t be bothered to speak to you. I guess I didn’t think a yarn store in Berkeley, home of Birkenstocks, granola and the free speech movement, would be like that. Live and learn.

We also visited the Scharffen Berger Chocolate factory store where they definitely gave us attitude. Scharffen Berger makes very fine, high-end chocolate. Their tours do not allow children under 10, so we couldn’t join in the behind-the-scenes fun. We knew that before arriving at the store, so we were prepared for it. The lack of warmth and friendliness is one thing, but when they asked us to step aside from a display table, so they could have the tour folks stand where we were to sample some chocolate, that was a bit much. Mind you, we weren’t standing there like beggars looking for free handouts. We were shopping in their store! Besides, it IS a chocolate factory, and they do have quite a lot of chocolate there, don’t they? Between my sister, brother-in-law and me, we could have made a *big* purchase of chocolate, sauces, t-shirts and chocolate-related paraphernalia as souvenirs for family. Their icy demeanor was such a turn-off, that we only bought a jar of sauce and a couple of small bars and that was it. Too bad for them. Just as well, too, because the cashier barely said two words to me, and I think those words were the total amount. Maybe they’re just pissed off that they are owned now by Hershey.

We’re heading down to Huntington Beach for another soccer tourney for Sweetie Boy. Hopefully, we’ll return with some beach and knitting pictures. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Gosh, why the attitude? Whenever that has happened to me, I assume they don’t want my business. That is really too bad. Sending good luck to your son for his tournament. You have a great time at the beach. We really missed you last Wednesday.

  2. Sounds like it’s a Bay Area thing, no? Although the late, unlamented knit shop in TC had the same attitude problem, in both of its incarnations. I just don’t get why a business wouldn’t be welcoming to its CUSTOMERS who PAY THE RENT!! Oh well–I’m working retail again and I get it, oh yes I get it! Welcome home!

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