My Knittin’ is a-Sittin’

Yep, not much knittin’ going on here. I’ve just been too busy. Too busy vacationing. Too busy cleaning up the aftermath of vacationing. Laundry. Bills. Ugh!

I’m stalled on the alpaca wristwarmers that are a gift. I’m off on my diagonal rib and have to ladder down quite a bit to try to fix it. B-O-R-I-N-G. I just have a bit of knitting ennui. (I just wanted to use that word, ennui, because I don’t think I *ever* have. I’m just trying to keep myself entertained here, people.)

Speaking of entertaining, here are some pictures from this weekend. We ended up atCalifornia Adventure on Sunday and had a great time.

Sweetie Girl lost her first tooth while waiting in line at the new Monsters Inc. ride!

Here she is with Uncle Tooth Puller who now has 32 (or is it 33?) pulled teeth under his belt. Quite an accomplishment, especially for one who is not a dentist!

The kids are riding a roller coaster with Auntie Roller Coaster Lover.

Hmmmm… what happens next?


And this.

And then this.

Sweetie Boy had a swingin’ good time, and so did we.


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  1. You just needed a good rest from everything. Now all rested from your vacation, your friends and knitting are waiting for you. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday

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