Dear One Skein Secret Pal Rachele,

Thank you so much for being a wonderful One Skein Secret Pal. I loved every package and note I received from you. The tea cozy, tea pot and cup are really, really perfect. I even love how the tea cup and the cozy are color coordinated! I especially appreciate your intuitiveness and thoughtfulness. How did you know that I was getting tired of my microwaved-water-sad-little-excuse-for-tea and thinking about upgrading my luxury index by having my own pot of tea every day? I think I’m going to have to get a tea kettle to actually boil the water, now that I’ve decided to go old school. I love how you listened to and thought about my likes and preferences and even checked out my blog to get some clues about me. I haven’t yet knitted up the Malabrigo or the hand-spun silk. I’m waiting for just the right project for each of the yarns. Thanks again for being a really great secret pal and making my first secret pal exchange so much fun. Next time you’re in town, I’ll take you for dim sum and tea, of course!



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  1. Hi Mary!

    I’m glad you got the package and that the ceramics didn’t break–I was really worried about that!

    I’ve loved checking out your blog–your kids are adorable. If I’m ever in SoCal I will let you know! I’d love to meet you and check out that fabulous yarn store you work at!


  2. Great stuff! If you are in the market for a teakettle, be sure to get an ELECTRIC one (Target has them cheap) that will shut itself off when the water boils, and ding to let you know. Great for tea, soup, making jello–hmmm, maybe even for dyeing??

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