What to do? What to do?

I need help. I’m juggling 3 projects in my mind and can’t decide what to cast on first. (This is the exciting part! Pictures sprinkled in for fun.) Here are my choices:

  • Hand Maiden Sea Silk in ivory to make into the Lace Wings Shawl. Here’s a picture that shows how sumptuous it is.

Even though I have swatched for the Simple Knitted Bodice, it will take a while to complete and we have until November, I think, to finish it. So, I think that gets pushed back in the queue.

Here’s the problem: I have about 3 inches done on Picovoli and it has been sitting for a while. It’s heavy worsted and I am using Addi Turbos size 3 to get gauge. I like how the fabric looks so far, even though it’s a tad thick. Honestly, it kinda hurts my fingers to knit it. I really feel it in my fingers the next day. Those are the only size 3 needles I have (right now), so I would have to use them if I wanted to cast on the Lace Wings shawl.

  • Do I send this Fabled Picovoli to the frog pond
  • Should I look for a pattern better suited for the weight of Fable?
  • Should I suck it up, tough it out and finish Picovoli at a later point?
  • Should I start the Lace Wings shawl?

I’d love to hear your opinion. Please tell me what you think.


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  1. Lady Misty Morn

    Pain = BAD. Stop the Picovoli, send it to the frog pond and find a pattern better suited for the weight of the Fable. But FIRST start that Lace Wings Shawl and put Fable in Time Out :).

  2. I agree, frog the Picovoli. I love the aubergine yarn and its color for the knitted bodice. So I would say start the slouchy cardigan. LOL

  3. I’m joining the crowd on this one. Fable is beautiful, but probably better suited to something else (you won’t wear it if it’s too thick anyway). I want to see the shawl. The yarn looks lovely. I haven’t see the merino yet, but I’m sure it will be great on the bodice. Two of the women in my snb are making it as well. i’ll join in eventually, I just need to get my grove back and figure out what to make it with!

  4. Go for the shawl (although I couldn’t find it on the Harlot’s site). I am currently on a lace kick (having finally after 2 years finished a Charlotte’s Web shawl that kept stalling), and I want someone else to share my insanity (as much as it is possible for anyone to share in the insanity that is Melise’s life!). As for Picovoli, one of the things people rave about about her patterns is how fast they go…I am working on one that is moving really slowly too, and it is not fun enough to keep my interest, so I am thinking about frogging it too…once again I am going to try and pull you over to the Melise side and say frog pond for Picovoli…

  5. Frog! Frog! Frog!

    Life’s too short for painful knitting (and open mike poetry readings).

    Plus, that Seasilk is just divine. Should be a joy to work with lacy lace in the final hot days of summer, too.

  6. Frig it! Riiiiip. Give me your numbers on a gauge swatch with larger needles and maybe a different size will work and not hurt your hands. Like how we worked it with madge!

    Plus having Seasilk just SITTING there??? Gasp. Must. Cast. On.

  7. Lace Wings! You can always put Picovoli on scrap yarn and postpone the frog decision.

  8. I’m with frogging it. If it hurts, you probably won’t enjoy knitting it and wearing it. I would start the Lace wings especially with the Hand Maiden sea silk!!

    BTW, love the crazy socks.

  9. Ok, chiming in–I hope by now Picovoli is back in its cocoon. I am of Jillian’s opinion that you need to do a gauge swatch with needles that DON’T hurt your hands, and redo the pattern numbers from there. Life is too short for painful knitting–and you would hate a big thick Picovoli and probably never wear it!

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