Lace Wings it is!

Thanks to everybody for their opinions. Everybody voted for Lace Wings. I think I knew it was the right answer, but just wanted some support, or permission, if you will.

I cast on for Lace Wings and it’s a bit confusing. The pattern is written in … Canadien, I like to joke. Nothing’ wrong with Canadiens; love the yarn, knitting projects, some of the nicest people I know. This pattern is a little tough for me to understand, but maybe because I’m a newbie lace knitter. Anyway, working on my second time casting on and stitch count may be off. Must. Focus. First I was afraid. I was petrified. I will survive.

We’re off this weekend to the O.C. for Sweetie Boy’s soccer tournament. Go Sting! Have a great labor day weekend without any laboring.


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  1. One thing that helps me when casting on large numbers of stitches is to drop a stitch marker in every 10 stitches, sometimes 20. But that way I don’t have to count so high or so many times….. many many thanks to TC Marie for sharing that little trick with me.

  2. LOL, what happened to the Slouchy Cardigan? Just kidding. Lace Wings is so pretty. Have a great time at the tournament, and wear lots of sunscreen.

  3. Love that Sea Silk, and the Lace Wings is pretty, too! I might have to make that one myself, but I’m also considering purchasing more Socks That Rock–I have one skein, and I don’t know if that’s enough for a shawl. As for patterns written in Canadien, well, those are pretty easy for this vieille canadienne!

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