Over and Over Again and Again

Here’s the Lace Wings Sea Silk Shawl ready to get frogged again. I think this will be frogging #7. I’ve been having a hard time understanding the pattern, the stitch count, where to do the pattern and where to knit straight. But I’m gonna do this, now that I have wasted so much time trying to figure it out. The pattern is not a difficult one. For me, the written description confuses the row by row instructions. That and I’m just a flippin’ idiot. But that’s okay because the yarn is, as expected, gorgeous to work with and luxurious to touch. It really is a treat to feel the silk flowing through my fingers.

The Sweeties go back to school tomorrow, and we’re ready for it. New school outfits washed and folded. New school shoes laid out. Backpacks and lunch boxes labeled and ready to be filled. I just have to remember to give the Sweeties their lucky money. Lucky money is a tradition in my family. My Mom and Dad gave each of us six kids lucky money in a red envelope for the first day of school. It started in kindergarten and lasted through to high school. I would get my dollar or two in a chinese red envelope, and when I was little and didn’t need a backpack, I would put the red envelope in my shoe, so I wouldn’t lose it. When I got home after school and took off my shoes, the money was still there, of course. Along with a big pink spot on the sole my new white sock. My Sweeties love that story.


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  1. The only way I have been able to be successful with lace patterns is to put the stitch pattern onto index cards (write it out) and then put the index cards onto a little ring (like a loose leaf binder ring). I use a paper clip to clip the cards together in my knitting bag. When I reach the end of a row, I just flip the card over and have the instructions in front of me. When I finish my knitting (or set it down for a few minutes, I clip the paper clip to the card for the row I am on. That helps me keep track of the row I am working.

    As for this pattern, don’t get caught up in following the wording on the pattern. Basically all you are doing is increasing on the purl side. Make sure you use stitch markers between each lace repeat. So, when you are doing a purl side row, increase at the beginning and end of the row and just before and after your center stitch stitch marker. After you have done enough rows, you will discover that you have seven stitches before your first stitch marker, and that means it is time to add a new lace repeat. It actually is really quite simple, but DON’T skrimp on the stitch markers, they will save you. And, until you are completely confident in your ability to follow the pattern, run a life line (a line of smooth yarn, say cotton, that you put on a needle and run through all stitches on the needle) every 10 rows. That way when you have to rip back because you find a mistake, you don’t have to start over.

  2. Horray Melise! Now that is a girl who has done some lace.

    I was going to ask, do you want to sit down together this weekend and I’ll cast on with you just to try and figure out the pattern. I tried just reading it to figure it, but I need to do it to understand it 🙂

  3. I feel for you, but I know it will work, eventually. Maybe now with the kids out of the house you can grab an hour of peace to try it?
    Hope the first day of school went well. We are in week 4 (can you believe it?), and things are going fairly smoothly, even with our share of tough days.

  4. Ah, first day of school memories. I used to line up my crew on the front porch steps and take their pictures. Well, at least till the boys went to high school. That seemed to be the line of demarcation of when it was no longer cool to have your picture taken in your new clothes! Now their kids are mostly all in school, except of course for Baby G, and the oldest grandson actually started college this year!

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