Hubris (Greek ‛′Υβρις)
Pronunciation: ‘hyü-br&s
Function: noun
According to its modern usage, exaggerated pride or self-confidence, often resulting in fatal retribution.

This morning, I was all set to blog about the “understanding” I have reached with Lace Wings. At our Pasadena Daytimers SnB yesterday, I was humming along on it. Stitch markers placed throughout the thing. Moral support and solicited advice coming from my fellow knitsters. I was feeling good about Lace Wings, that we had reached an understanding. That I knew what I was doing, and the sea silk would do it.

This morning, I did the photo shoot with the shawl-to-be and snapped photos of it. And then it happened. I was confident, that I could pick it up and keep zipping along. In hindsight, I see it was pure arrogance. I knitted a row, then two, and then I found it. Or more like I found where it should have been.

A dropped stitch that rows down was probably a yarnover or something that disappeared into the knitting. In the middle of the lace pattern. Yikes… I labored; I picked up a stitch somewhere, laddered up, hated the way it looked, and tried a few more times before it looked okay, but *just* okay. Deep. breath.

On the bright side, I know the pattern now without having to refer to the directions, well enough that I can look at it and figure out where I am and what row and pattern are next. Too bad I’ll have to buy up all the stitch markers in the greater Los Angeles area, in order to finish this, because stitch markers are now my best friend. Pride goes before a fall. Oh, and I think I found an error in the pattern. Here’s a closer up view of the WIP.

Enough whining! Here are pictures of the Sweeties on their first day of school. All is sane again in our world. We have structure. Routine. They have had a great first 2 days of school, and I’m very happy with my kid-free time.


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  1. Ouch! I’m so sorry. Further evidence that lace knitting is not for those who require instant gratification. Your sweeties look like they aren’t minding school. Gotta warn you though, first grade is a big change. My little one doesnt’ quite get that work isn’t optional. Hope yours have better understanding!

  2. I use jump rings from Michaels for stitch markers. You can get a package of like 100 rings for $2. I think I use the 9mm. Perfect for lace shawl knitting when you are going to need 700 thousand of them.

  3. But just think of how much further along you were than last post!! It’s just one itty bitty mistake. No one will ever notice!

    Your sweeties do look alright with the start of the school year! What DID you put in their breakfast?

  4. It looks beautiful Mary! No one is going to notice a tiny mistake. Keep going!

  5. I admire how you never give up. Maybe if I sit next to you at Zephyr some of that will rub off on me. LOL LOL

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