Timed Out!

Lace Wings is timed out for now for being an uncooperative brat! I was humming along nicely at SnB yesterday, when I reached up to wave good-bye to one of the knitters. It snagged on my fingers and I pulled several stitches off. And I didn’t just *slide* several stitches off that sat there nicely, waiting to be picked up. No, these suckers made a run for the border. They pulled apart several rows down to where they don’t look like stitches anymore. They went down to their birthplace, where they were just wee yarnovers in someone’s mind and later grew up to be a full-fledged stitches and integral part of the lace pattern. I hate it when these stitches act up like that! So, it’s in time out.

Here’s my stealth project in the meantime. Stealth because it’s a gift but I am so dang proud for turning both heels a la Priscilla’s Dream Socks without referring to the pattern. You can see in the picture that I still have a problem with some of the gaps from the short rows. But I’m sure in time I’ll learn some cool trick to fix that.

Stay tuned next week for some knitterly goodness, like new yarn (what else?) and new needles (surprised?). Oh, and a big shout out to Annette and Madge who are *thinking* about blogging. I’ll post links to their blogs when they get them up and running, so they can have instant readers. Be good to my knit sisters! Have a great weekend!


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  1. Oh NOOOoooooooo! How terrible! I’m so sorry!

    Have a chocolate.

  2. So sorry about the lace, but the sock yarn is GORGEOUS! What is it?

    Did you see Lolly’s post (http://lollygirl.com/blog/?p=497) with the author of Knit Fix today about how to fix short row heel gaps? Short row heels are my next sock challenge, so I bookmarked it.

    Good luck!

  3. Bad lace wings. Bad bad bad.

    I agree with Jillian, have chocolate.

  4. Mary, sounds like it’s time for a Lace Wings smackdown. How long did it take you to do the part you had completed? I’m in yarn envy over here. . .you’ve got lovely green yarn for both the Lace Wings and your socks! What’s the sock yarn?

  5. Hey Mary, have you heard about the new book Knit Fix? Sounds like it might be just what the doctor ordered to help with the little gaps… I’ll definitely be adding it to my knitting book repitoire!

    I love the yarn you’re using too!

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