SnB was, as always, a ton of fun. Check out Annette’s blog for great coverage of our meeting and projects.

My camera is still on strike, but Canon is sending me a replacement. I should receive it tomorrow, so we’ll have pictures soon. I promise. On Saturday, I’m going to check out a new LYS, Abuelita’s. There have been mixed reviews on it so far, so I definitely need to check it out myself.

The second heel on stealth project #2 is almost turned, and then I’ll just have to do the ribbing on the leg ’til they’re done. Not too bad. I’m on schedule. The first half of the beaded evening bag is almost done. I just have to do one more row of beads. Then I’ll cut the yarn, set it aside, and cast on side 2. This one is definitely zipping along. I love how quickly it knits up, but even more so, I love the effect of the beads. It’s so fun just to pet the wrong side because the yarn is so soft and then pet the right side which is bumpy with beads. Can you tell I’m a tactile person? Hopefully, I’ll have pictures taken from my new-ish camera to show very soon. Ooh, can I start thinking of my next project yet? Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Mary- sounds like those projects are humming along nicely. Can’t wait to see the finished bag. I love your idea of a “fable along”. My only dislike with this yarn is the lack of good pattern support! I have booklet 92066, which has the “rib raglan tee”. My mom also made a top from it, so I may have her send me the pattern. Let me know if you have any ideas! Keep on with your deadline knitting.

  2. A new camera – Woo Hoo!!

    You are on a roll. See you tomorrow – Abuelita’s here we come!!

  3. Heck yeah, you can start thinking of your next project! Looking forward to the return of pix.

    I’m always petting yarn and fabric. I think that’s just what we do.

  4. There is something so seductive about beaded knitting–the look, the feel… it’s wonderful!

  5. Mary, looks so lovely!!

    I’d love the info on your Koigu PPPM yellow green dye lot, and do come visit my real blog. . .the blogger account is only for comments.

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