Everybody’s Doing It, aka Ima Lemming

Saw it first on Grumperina, then on my knitsters’ blogs: Annette, Marie, Marie and Madge. I’m such a joiner. And yes, I would jump off the cliff too.

10 Knittery Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I have a shopping bag full of acrylic yarn waiting to be given away. This was my first foray into “serious” yarn buying. I laugh now, because I thought I was seriously buying a lot of yarn then, and look at me now, self-professed and embarrassed-to-say Yarn Snob. This is no surprise to those who know me, but I have become a yarn snob. Sniff. Sniff. Besides, the cost of the yarn at Michael’s or Joann’s, even with their blasted 40% off coupons, is not any cheaper than the great deals that can be had online. (Self, just stay focused on this right now and don’t click on WEBS to purchase the close-out sale of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed…) Working at a LYS also doesn’t hurt either. Heh heh heh

2. My favorite yarn lately has been Blue anything. Not in color, mind you, but rather brand. Blue Sky Alpacas – I especially love their organic cotton, alpaca sportweight, and alpaca and silk, and… Blue Heron and Blue Moon Fiber Arts

3. I haven’t fallen in love with CrackSilk Haze… yet.

4. I love almost anything with alpaca in it, except alpaca poo, of course.

5. I have tons of Noro in my stash but haven’t made anything with it yet, except two little hats. After the recipient of one of the hats called it the ugly hat, I was turned off it for a while. I’m always hopeful that I’ll go back to the Noro stash some day.

6. I love teaching family and friends how to knit, but then when I begin to do it, I am filled with self-doubt. Maybe because only a few friends have actually been successful and stuck with it. I am most proud of my sister and two nieces who pick it up again every summer when they come out for their visit. Then it becomes fibery fun. I still have to get my brother-in-law hooked on it, as he is *always* asking questions about it and trying to wrap his brain around how it works.

7. I have no interest in spinning or dyeing yarn. Nada. Zip. Nil. Nothing else to say.

8. Sweetie Husband likes that I have this creative pursuit (nay, obsession!), and I’m not just about kungfu-ing other people. That said, I’ve never knit anything for Sweetie Husband because he says he doesn’t want anything. Too much pressure, I guess. I am just starting to convince him that it would be okay for me to knit him a sweatshirt-like sweater that he can toss around and throw on the ground.

9. Silvia and I are planning our own little cross-country mini-KAL using our Artful Yarns Fable yarn. We just decided on Blue Sky Alpacas Ribbon Shell but no start date has been set yet. Wanna join us?

10. I have dreams of creating my own knitted dim sum pieces, but may need a *lot* of help with this. (hint hint Knitsters!)


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  1. Great Meme- When I got to #7, I had to laugh- I feel exactly the same way. No spin, no dye. Good to know I’m not alone. Other than finishing the beer snob’s Avast (which I practically forced on him) I don’t have a knitting schedule for the next couple of months, so I can work on the ribbon shell whenever it works for you.

  2. These are fun to read. I’ve made one sweater for my husband. I let him pick out the pattern and the yarn (I wanted to make sure he would wear it!). It’s casual but nice enough he can wear it to work too.

    I hope to create some of my own pieces too someday. We can help each other.

  3. I’m with you on the no spinning no dyeing.

    And me too! A bag full of acrylic. I can’t really give it away – who would want it? and…..wait. WEBS is having a sale on EL Silky Tweed??

    Be back later…..

  4. Suggestion: what I do with ack-rylic is send it to the XRX offices (I have the address if you want it). They donate it to the nearby prison, where the inmates EARN the privilege of knitting, and they use up every scrap. They make hats, mittens, and scarves for the kids on the reservation. A good cause, all the way around, and better than a landfill for that yarn!

  5. My hubby also likes the yarn obsession, but then I encourage him in sailing, and that’s going to be a MUCH more expensive hobby.

    For the Noro: Somewhere online is a pattern for the Multi-Directional Scarf. I used Noro for it, and the colors turned out great.

  6. Ahhh, I love reading through such insights, they’re so interesting! But hey – who the heck was it that called a present you gave him/her, most especially a self-knitted one, “ugly”? Gosh, that’s rude – no wonder you were turned off! But that’s not the Noro’s fault, but the recipient’s rudeness! Poor you!

  7. Hee hee hee you said “alpaca poo”.

    Maybe we need to go to Stitches from the Heart and donate all your newbie acrylic? (road trip!)

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