Today is my Sweetie Husband’s 40th birthday. He’s a fantastic and devoted father to the Sweetie Kids, and a wonderful husband who puts up with all sorts of nonsense from me. A kinder man, you will not meet. A more honest man, you will not see. Understanding, patient, loving, he’s simply the best. Happy Birthday!


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  1. Happy Birthday to him! Hope he likes 40 (I’ve got about a month!). I’m sure he’s a great one-You deserve no less, just as I’m sure he deserves you. Hope you guys have fun plans. Enjoy the day!

  2. Happy birthday wishes! Hope you’re both having a great day.

  3. Aw, what a great thing to be able to say about your husband! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy 40th to your sweetie! Hope he doesn’t mind the Big 4-Oh; after all, 40 is an F-word! Since I have 3 (yes, 3!) offspring who have passed that mark, I really do look back on it fondly and think of it as “just babyhood practically!” Here’s wishing him a great year ahead, and many many more birthdays!

  5. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband! I hope you have a great time celebrating. I hear the 40s are the best…I’m not far behind so I’ll find out soon.

  6. Joan (aka Allie, Joanna LOL LOL)

    I, too want to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (although belated), and a very wonderful coming year.

  7. Happy Belated 40th to your Sweetie Husband!

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