Back to the Scene of the Crime

As you may have read, our SnB group went on a yarn crawl this past weekend. I was only able to join them for one store, A Mano Yarn Center, the one in which I was most interested, and according to the other crawlers, it turned out to be the best of the lot. Read about it at casas de Annette, Jillian, Teresa and Kate. I made the right decision because they had a terrific selection and an even better 40% off sale on select items, among those select items being Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Yarn. I walked out with one hank of it and a hank of lightweight Socks That Rock. They’re the only LYS that I’ve seen carry STR, so it was a nice bonus, especially with our yarn crawl discount pre-arranged by the lovely Annette. A friend who knits with you is a friend, but a friend who gets you discounts on your yarn is a lifelong friend indeed. (Sorry for bastardizing that saying.)

I quickly forgot about the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Yarn until I learned the other day who my Secret Pal 9 is. She’s a sock knitter with a fairly small stash of sock yarn. I have made it my solemn duty to enhance said stash with excellent yarn and yarn stuffs, so I had to head back out to A Mano. I’m really good at justifying yarn purchasing. ‘Nuff said. Roll call: (You know how I like to add those macro pics to encourage drooling.)

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Yarn in colorways (clockwise from left) Spanish Moss, Dusk, Peacock, Life’s a Beach.

Just more pictures of CTHS.

Socks That Rock Lightweight in Hard Rock. It’s actually a dark grey with bright and light pink. Unfortunately, the grey looks brown in the picture.

A Mano had a stunning half-wall of Malabrigo. I kid you not. It’s beautiful. See?

I received one skein of Malabrigo in Tortuga from Rachele, my truly excellent One Skein Secret Pal, and have been itching for another skein to make it a really long scarf. So much for that one skein idea.

I spied the Tortuga colorway hiding in the corner. Snatching it up quickly, I danced with glee. Although the dye lots are different, they look like turtle cousins. I think I can alternate rows with the two skeins and still get something wonderful. I also got some special stuff for my Secret Pal 9, but won’t show it because I don’t want to possibly jinx anything or give my identity away.

Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Sherbet. I got this one when the wonderfully-talented Madge recently organized a group STR order for our SnB.

Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratification Sock Yarn in Monster Mash colorway. More enabling by Madge. Or was it the other way around? That’s for me to know and you to find out! These will be for my second pair of socks for October. Gotta keep up with Socktoberfest and my Sockamonth kal. I think that’s enough yarn porn for now.

After visiting A Mano, we had lunch at Hurry Curry, the Indian restaurant across the street from A Mano. Lots of delicious food, cheap prices, and an A rating by the Health Department. I didn’t think it could get better, but a beautiful shrine adorned the dining room.

What are you waiting for? The God(s) have given you a sign. Purchase yarn. Right. Now.

P.S. Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes for Sweetie Hubby. He had a nice birthday, and I think he may have liked his blog posting.


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  1. Sigh. Not only did I miss Yarn Crawl Saturday, I missed Yarn Crawl Repeat Thursday. And Hill Country is all out of Candy Corn and Monster Mash. It’s just not my week for stash enhancement–probably the Knitting Goddess’s way of telling me to get back to organizing, cataloguing, and de-stashifying, huh?
    You sure got some yummies, though!

  2. Wow…a LYS with STR, Malabrigo, and CTH…I’m soooo envious!

    I’m glad you found more of the Malabrigo. Too bad about the dyelots, but I’m sure you can do something cool with them.

  3. What a way to wake up with Bloglines! With some awesome sock yarn p*rn!

  4. gorgeous purchases- your knit list is getting longer…. Makes me want to go yarn shopping. too bad my LYS is stinky!
    I got my ribbon shell pattern too. I want to finish up my SKB before I start this, but that should be pretty soon. Want to aim to start between Oct 20 and Nov 1? Or do you want to wait until closer to thanksgiving. I have some Christmas knitting I can start in the meantime and Avast will be there no matter what, so I’ll need a less time consuming project. Let me know what you want to do.

  5. I think that wall of Malabrigo is NEW! I can’t just imagine how cuddly it is. A MAno does rock!

    Great stash enhancement!! You’re going crazy!

  6. Oooh, drool. Must. Buy. Yarn……

  7. The Hindu god is Ganesha, god of prosperity, and he certainly has smiled upon you in the stash-augmentation department!

    Thanks for letting me be your partner in crime with some of it. What do you think of your Monster Mash?

    Happy Friday the 13th!

  8. I totally went out and bought some yarn from Laura at SugarBunnyBoulevard. Eek! Don’t tell the Cap’n, who’s snoring at the other end of the couch right now.

    I love Laura’s sock yarn, and she was selling it to raise money for the Amish shawls. So it served a good purpose too!

    Will post photos when I get it…

  9. Whew! Great yarn porn. I might need to go back to A Mano soon. My secret pal is also a sock knitter. Did they have much Cherry Tree Hill left? That Malabrigo could be dangerous….

  10. I was back at A Mano tonight, and after seeing your second round of CTHS I made a beeline for the sale section and picked up two hanks of Peacock. đŸ™‚

  11. All the heavens, this is yarn p0rn to its fullest – I love every single skein you got, they all look so amazing!

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