I’ve Begun to Mash

I’ve begun my Monster Mash socks for Socktoberfest and Sockamonth2 and here’s how far along I’ve gotten.

I started them Wednesday at SnB, as part of a sock tutorial with the KnitDevil. She’s also Monster Mashing but hers are fingering weight. Go visit her and drop her a comment, asking to see how hers look. Mine? Instant Gratification weight on US size 5s. I got one pair of KnitPicks Options to make these socks and I’m really enjoying the needles and cables. I have to tighten the cable on the needle occasionally but that’s probably because I didn’t screw the needle tip on tightly enough from the get-go. I hope to finish these by next Tuesday so I can wear them for Halloween.

Today, I started shoe shopping for shoes to wear with my future wardrobe of hand-knitted socks by yours truly. I didn’t find too much that I wanted in the way of shoes (believe me; I tried really hard!) but I did find a purse, thanks to Ms. Marvels of Knitting. You may not know this about me, but I am constantly in search of the perfect knitting purse. I have all sorts of purses with different compartments for different sized projects. Ms. Marvel had a cute spring green purse in spring, of course, and I remembered it so keenly because it has a nice compartment in the middle for one’s knitting project. My non-knitting friend had to go to JC Penney, and I happily tagged along. My eyes lit up in the purse department, when I spotted this bag right away. Cute spring green’s sister, only bigger and studded. I instantly loved the brown metallic color, and when I saw it was on sale, I knew ’twas mine right away. Non-knitter friend tossed the gauntlet and scoffed at me, that I couldn’t fit all of my stuff and my knitting in it. Ooh, a challenge! Well, here’s the purse, filled with my stuff, i.e., wallet, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, checkbook, credit card folio, lip gloss, Sweetie Boy’s wallet, and digital camera (when I’m not snapping photos of socks and purses). Oh and don’t forget the current WIP, Monster Mash socks with both yarn cakes, are in there too!

Non-knitters obviously don’t know about the powers and abilities of knitters to make things work. Get thee to the nearest JCPenney. Here it is online but it was even cheaper in the store. Such a bargain!


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  1. Mary, love the purse! I was at the mall after knitting Wednesday (getting my ears pierced), and I was looking for a purse, too. The sox are coming along beautifully. I bet Madge’s are, too.

  2. Your socks are awesome. Love the chevron pattern you picked.

    And score! on the purse. A girl can never have enough knitting bags.

  3. Ooh, a perfect purse! I’m always on the lookout for a good purse to stash my knitting/camera/phone/wallet/first aid kit – I have aspirations of being MacGuyver I think…

    I got your comment about coming to teach you the Monster Mash 🙂 But I think your meetings are while I’m in Thousand Oaks 😦 Next yarn crawl! The socks are looking good!

  4. Love that bag, and the price as well. JCP, here I come. The socks are very cute. If you find the right sock shoes, show them- I’d love to see.

  5. Monster Mash is looking good! 🙂 I agree with Silvia – show us your shoes when you find them (modeled with your socks of course).

    I love that bag too! I’ll have to visit JCPenney and have a look in person. Thanks for the tip.

    I’m off to visit Knitdevil and check on her Monster Mash socks…

  6. If you want to HEAR the Monster Mash, come visit me at the bookstore–it cycles through approximately every 12 minutes and 18 seconds (but who’s counting?). I’d much rather SEE your MM socks–they rock, even if they aren’t STR!! (I’ve been wearing my Halloween socks too, but mine are store-bought and fit in my tennies.)

  7. The purse is cute but their “other view” is a bedspread! I want to see the inside of the purse, dagnabbit! It’s hard to find perfect knitting purses.

  8. I really love that purse, it seems to be the perfect one indeed – and the price is awesome! I love the socks too – can’t wait to see them with the perfect shoes! 😉

  9. Those are cuuute! The colors are more blended than I would have imagined.

    I did NOT know you were a knitting-purse hound! Not to that degree, anyway 🙂 I have a slew of bags and pouches now, and am sure there will be more!

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