After posting about my wonderful not-intended-for-knitting purse, Carrie asked to see how much it really held, how it looked inside. Of course, I’m just the kinda crazy sucka who will post pictures of the inside of her purse. Here goes.

This is all the regular crap I keep inside. What a lotta junk, I say! But where’s the knitting? Open wide and say, “aaaaaahhhhhhh.”

The knitting was hiding inside the zippered compartment. Tricky, eh? This bag is good for small projects, up to 2 socks on 2 circs. Anything bigger will have to go in a separate bag or a bigger purse. I have one of those, too, by the way.

Last night, I turned the short row heel on the Monster Mash socks. Here’s a picture. Today, I turned the other heel and am starting to knit up the leg. I’m using the chevron socks pattern from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks but making it toe up, instead of top down as the book calls for. I think I am on track to finish these spooky socks on Halloween. Huzzah!


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  1. Oh, that’s awesome! And the knitting is nicely protected too.

    Nice socks! They look vry Monster Mash.

  2. Your MM socks are turning out righteous. Love the chevron pattern…and the striped heel for contrast…mahvelous!

    Are they done yet?!

  3. That looks like my Purse! JCPenny??

  4. Hee Hee, Just saw the previous post and I guess it is the same as mine. I like the outside of you bag.

  5. Way to go on the socks! Now for the $64 question: will you wear them after Halloween? My guess? Of course! Who’d know that was supposed to be a Halloween colorway (I mean, besides us millions out here in blogland)? I can hardly wait to see them on Wed!

  6. Wow, this bag really rocks – it sure seems to be able to hold a big lot of every smaller – and bigger – thing a knitter needs – great! And yay for the short row heel on your sock, it looks absolutely perfect!

  7. Hey Mary, I love the socks, they are really looking good.

    The purse sure does hold alot! LOL

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