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Le Simple Knitted Bodice, she is done!

At long last, here she is. And here I am looking forward to my next project.

Project: Simple Knitted Bodice
Yarn: Anny Blatt Merinos in Chocolat, under 7 balls
Needles: Addi Turbos and KnitPicks Options US size 6 for the body and sleeves and size 1 lace panels and purl ridges
Start: October 1st
Finish: November 26th

Thoughts: In my four years of knitting, I think this is my very first truly wearable garment I have made. I’m not counting the scarves, hats, wristwarmers, and socks. I really love the color, the drape, the fit. I’m really beside myself with this sweater; it’s almost like an early Christmas present for me. The yarn was really wonderful to work with, and it was alredy in my stash, which is an extra bonus.

Modifications: It was a sport weight yarn, so luckily I got stitch gauge. Row gauge was a different issue. I added a few more rows at the bottom to get the right length. Based on Silvia’s advice, I made the lace panel at the waist two inches instead of three. I opted for the short sleeves, because it was more versatile for our Southern California weather. It was a chilly 60 degrees today, perfect for long sleeved tee underneath. I definitely recommend this pattern. It was clearly written and the two row stitch pattern for lace panel was easy to remember. I may make it again some day, but I would definitely use worsted weight yarn where I got row gauge. I think it would go a lot faster. Next up: holiday knitting, featuring quick and easy projects.

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a FO!

I know, I know. It feels like it has been forever since I’ve been able to show you a FO. Well, here it is. Officially, the first holiday gift of the season. They’re Fetching wristwarmers and they were oh-so-fast to knit up. I truly enjoyed making them. Shhhh… they’re for my niece for Christmas, so don’t tell, okay? Here they are hand-modeled for you.

Project: Fetching Wristwarmers
Yarn: Valley Yarns Stockbridge in Willow colorway
Needles: Options US size 5s, 2 wristwarmers on 2 circs method
Start: Saturday, November 25th
Finish: Sunday, November 26th

Thoughts: Yes, I did this in one day. It was a quick knit and super satisfying. You also didn’t see the state of my house and me, after spending the whole day knitting in front of the TV. It was one of those glorious days where you sit around in your pajamas all day long. Ahem… TMI, sorry. This is the first time I used this yarn, Stockbridge, that’s sold under WEBS’ label, Valley Yarns. It’s 50% alpaca and 50% wool. I *love* the softness of Alpaca, and I was a bit concerned about the scratchiness of the yarn while knitting it. These softened up quite a bit after their Eucalan bath. A bit too many guard hairs, so it’s a teensy bit scratchy, but quite nice overall. The light, pale green color of this yarn, I really love too. As for the pattern, I really enjoyed the simplicity of it, and especially how the finished result looks more complicated than it actually was. I will definitely make a second pair, perhaps third.

Lest you think I haven’t been stash enhancing lately, I offer you this: November’s installment of Scout’s Indie Swag Club. The yarn is called pomegranate, which I truly love. The gift cards are from GlamScience and are featured in Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts. See the wonderful fall colors?

Want a closer look? How’s this? Reminds me of pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy. I’m all about the food, people.

What’s that behind the wristwarmers in the picture above, you ask? Why, it’s another FO. The SKB… finally! Here it is before weaving in ends and tacking down the neckline. It’s still on the blocking board air drying, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a good official FO picture of it tomorrow.

Knitting Funk, or I Can’t Talk About It

Dude, this is so not the time to be getting into a knitting funk! Don’t you know the holidays are coming up? Only 5 1/2 weeks to go, as I’ve read all over blogland. Gulp.

So what’s up with that? Perhaps it was the overplanned weekend from hell. 4 soccer games to watch, one team party to throw, one kungfu banquet to attend, one child to pack off to a sleepover and one doctor appointment for my Mom. Doesn’t sound like much but it hit me hard. I was too tired to knit. That’s how tired I was.

I’m just about done with the lace panel on the first sleeve on the SKB. It’s slow going, people. That’s all I can say. I’ll try not to say anything more about it, unless it’s scintillatingly interesting news.

I’m working on a stealth project that I can’t post pictures or talk about. After the stealth project is done, I have to start on a Knitty Gritty project because I’m going to be a knitster. Of course, I can’t talk about that project or post on it either, because I’m supposed to keep it quiet. I got the yarn and directions for it last week. It’s sitting here by my feet waiting for me to start. I’m looking forward to it, because I hear the yarn is super soft and I really love the colors. So when I start that project, I’ll have more things that I can’t blog about. Sigh.

Have a great turkey day, everybody!

Still Working on It

Here’s the latest progress on my SKB. I finished the body and bound off at the bottom. I still need to finish the sleeves and neck. This is a slow one for me, and after having a doh! moment, I realized why. The pattern calls for worsted weight, and this yarn is sport weight, I think. My row gauge is quite off. Luckily this worked for my short torso but I still needed more length below the lace panel. The body needed quite a few more straight rounds after the decreases, so I just knit until it was the right length. It sits just at my hip bone, the right length for my frame, I think. I’m just gonna keep working on this and hope I can finish it by the holidays.

A Little Bit o’ Knittin’ and a Whole Lotta Yarn

Let’s just put it out there right now. Not a whole lot of knitting but doing what I can when I can. Here’s the progress so far on the SKB.

I’m happy with the fit so far and even happier that I’m done with the lace panel. I wouldn’t bet on my having the sweater completed by SKC’s mid November deadline, but having a gorgeous sweater that fits at the end of this is reward enough.

I saw the knitting ewe on a card and obsessiveness ensued. Must. Have. Knitting. Ewe.

KnitDevil found me the link, and I found these cool Chinese charms to make into stitch markers for me. I especially love the fortune cookie and chinese food box. People, I am all about the food. Did I ever tell you my childhood was filled with chinese food boxes and fortune cookies? My parents had a little take-out Chinese restaurant, and it was staffed by free child labor. Theirs, of course. And the little heart with the Chinese character in it? The character is beauty which happens to be part of my Chinese name. So apropos, no?

My Secret Pal sent me this beautiful hank of sock yarn for my birthday. It’s 500 yards of merino/nylon from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm in these beautiful shades of purples, pinks, greens and teals. Thank you, most excellent Secret Pal! I’m not worthy!

The wonderful KnitDevil bestowed upon me some luxuriously wonderful birthday treasures, a hank of Yarn Pirate’s superwash merino fingering weight in Viola and Sweet Georgia Yarn’s Speed Demon Socks, also superwash merino sport weight in Elf colorway. Yes, both are *that* breathtakingly beautiful in their colors.

The speed demon sock yarn will follow its destiny, and I’m envisioning the Yarn Pirate yarn as a shawl, maybe a scribble scrabble shawl? I’ve been itching to make one of those for a long time, and just need to find a nice complimentary super bulky yarn.

This last bit of good-for-your-diet fiber is amazingly beautiful merino and silk, hand-dyed by Lori of Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio. She’s a local artist who hand dyes incredible pieces of art. Yes, her colors, texture, and sheen are truly this stunning.

Oh, and one last thing, remember the KnitPicks Options Needles I wanted? They were another little birthday giftie and they’re already on a project. I am an incredibly fortunate person to have such kind and generous people in my life. Thanks to all!


I saw this quiz at Annette’s, and had to play along. I’m always into easy, mindless, pop-psychology self-reflection.

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She Did the Mash

As promised, here are the details on the Monster Mash socks that just slid in under the wire.

Project: Monster Mash Socks. Toe-up with chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.
Yarn: Country Hill Instant Gratification Sock Yarn in Monster Mash, 1 hank
Needles: Options US size 5s, 2 socks on 2 circs method
Start: Wednesday, October 25th
Finish: Tuesday, October 31st

Thoughts: The yarn was fun to work with from a color standpoint but got a bit too fuzzy at the end. They were a blast to watch the colors come out and work together. That was definitely fun, and they were a quick knit, which is always a bonus. The needles were wonderful to use. Other than one needle unscrewing once in a while, they were perfect. The cables never got kinked, even after I smooshed them into the middle zippered compartment of the new knitting purse. I can’t wait until my entire set arrives! Since the socks were made toe-up (using the Turkish cast-on), the chevron pattern is actually upside-down. In Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks, the chevron pattern is featured on top-down socks. I don’t think it made a difference though. The chevrons really show off the variegation of the yarn beautifully. The socks are a bit tight, as this pattern is known for, and I have to do a bit of tugging to get them on. That said, once they’re on, they’re comfy! My first hand-knitted socks for myself.

They were a graveyard smash.