A Little Bit o’ Knittin’ and a Whole Lotta Yarn

Let’s just put it out there right now. Not a whole lot of knitting but doing what I can when I can. Here’s the progress so far on the SKB.

I’m happy with the fit so far and even happier that I’m done with the lace panel. I wouldn’t bet on my having the sweater completed by SKC’s mid November deadline, but having a gorgeous sweater that fits at the end of this is reward enough.

I saw the knitting ewe on a card and obsessiveness ensued. Must. Have. Knitting. Ewe.

KnitDevil found me the link, and I found these cool Chinese charms to make into stitch markers for me. I especially love the fortune cookie and chinese food box. People, I am all about the food. Did I ever tell you my childhood was filled with chinese food boxes and fortune cookies? My parents had a little take-out Chinese restaurant, and it was staffed by free child labor. Theirs, of course. And the little heart with the Chinese character in it? The character is beauty which happens to be part of my Chinese name. So apropos, no?

My Secret Pal sent me this beautiful hank of sock yarn for my birthday. It’s 500 yards of merino/nylon from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm in these beautiful shades of purples, pinks, greens and teals. Thank you, most excellent Secret Pal! I’m not worthy!

The wonderful KnitDevil bestowed upon me some luxuriously wonderful birthday treasures, a hank of Yarn Pirate’s superwash merino fingering weight in Viola and Sweet Georgia Yarn’s Speed Demon Socks, also superwash merino sport weight in Elf colorway. Yes, both are *that* breathtakingly beautiful in their colors.

The speed demon sock yarn will follow its destiny, and I’m envisioning the Yarn Pirate yarn as a shawl, maybe a scribble scrabble shawl? I’ve been itching to make one of those for a long time, and just need to find a nice complimentary super bulky yarn.

This last bit of good-for-your-diet fiber is amazingly beautiful merino and silk, hand-dyed by Lori of Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio. She’s a local artist who hand dyes incredible pieces of art. Yes, her colors, texture, and sheen are truly this stunning.

Oh, and one last thing, remember the KnitPicks Options Needles I wanted? They were another little birthday giftie and they’re already on a project. I am an incredibly fortunate person to have such kind and generous people in my life. Thanks to all!


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  1. Gee, where do I start? Such beautiful yarn Madge gave you. It will work up into some beautiful things, I’m sure.

    Good that you got your needles, they are fun to work with.

    The SKB looks cute on you, you have done a great job fitting it to you. The color is pretty, too.

    And finally Mary, I guess you know I LOVE Chinese food, too. LOL mmmmmmmmm

  2. Great SKB! It’s fitting you very well (is your gauge smaller?). Looks like you had a great birthday haul. Gorgeous yarns. Have a ball just figuring out what to do with them!

  3. Your SKB is looking great – the fit it perfect! Day before I started mine πŸ™‚ And I realize now it’s in a shade of purple very similar to yours. I’m a copy cat!

    Birthday goodness! It’s all so lovely!

  4. your skb is fitting really nicely! and whoah on all the great birthday swag. gotta love it. and if I didn’t mention it before, happy belated!

  5. SKB = looking good! It fits you perfectly, and the color is purplicious.

    Love the charms and the sock yarn from your secret pal, too. And I’m glad your KP Options have arrived and you like them. Yay for birthdays.

  6. Gotta agree about those KP Options. All my other needles are in time-out, they’re all I want to knit with! Glad to see your birthday was a good one, full of healthy fiber! Mmmm, good! Hope you’ll bring it to SnB for a good fondle! And your SKB is looking good, verrry good, on you. Nifty!

  7. SKB is going to be a great sweater! And I *love* the cute stamp!

  8. Your SKB is looking gorgeous! I love the colour. I really must think about starting mine!

    Doncha just love birthdays – great presents.

  9. Your SKB is really beautiful already, such a lovely color you’re using for it! And the sock yarn is to die for!

  10. Look at all the birthday goods! I like that knitting ewe too. And the charms are adorable. Perfect for Dim Sum Knitting!

    Your new yarns look beautiful. I just want to touch them…so maybe you’ll bring them to share at SnB. And your SKB rocks!

  11. That knitting ewe is cute! And the charms.

    Oh, the joy of unpaid labor.

  12. wow! that’s some gorgeous yarn! i love the charms, too. very cute.

    your skb looks great. it is such a pretty sweater. i’m thinking about giving it another shot! πŸ™‚

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