Still Working on It

Here’s the latest progress on my SKB. I finished the body and bound off at the bottom. I still need to finish the sleeves and neck. This is a slow one for me, and after having a doh! moment, I realized why. The pattern calls for worsted weight, and this yarn is sport weight, I think. My row gauge is quite off. Luckily this worked for my short torso but I still needed more length below the lace panel. The body needed quite a few more straight rounds after the decreases, so I just knit until it was the right length. It sits just at my hip bone, the right length for my frame, I think. I’m just gonna keep working on this and hope I can finish it by the holidays.


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  1. It looks great. Love the color, and it looks like you compensated perfectly for any gauge issues. I really like that you can adjust this pattern for whatever your shape is- it saved mine. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see the end product

  2. So pretty! Congrats on binding off the body; you’re really close to finishing. Short sleeves – snap. Neckline – snap. Done in time to wear it for all your holiday festivities!

  3. It looks wonderful without sleeves, finish the neck and voila a wonderful vest for the holidays :).

  4. you’re making wonderful progress on the SKB… definitely should be done by the holidays. Did you see Knit and Tonic Wendy’s newest offering at Stitch Diva?

  5. It looks great! You and I are at the same place, and I too am hoping to finish by the week of Christmas. Have to show off for the family right?

    Keep up the great work!!

  6. Your SKB looks great so far! Perhaps if you hadn’t used sport weight it would have been too big on you! Sometimes knitting just works out like that. I think the best way to get done with those sleeves is to set a goal. The cool thing about SKB though is once you are done knitting, you are done! No pieces to block or seams to stitch. Just weave in the ends, steam, and wear!
    Good luck!

  7. That looks terrific. You did a great job knitting it to your own personal figure, instead of just following the pattern.
    It will look great during the holidays.

  8. That looks fabulous! You compensated for gauge like a pro!

    You’ll be done in no time – are you making short sleeves or long?

  9. Wow – that looks great! I told you you’re good at making adjustments. The color looks great on you. You’ll be done by the holidays, no problem.

  10. Whatever you’re using, it looks great!

  11. Way to go–it’s so much further along than the last time I saw it! It’s going to be terrific!

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