I Give In

Okay, okay, I give in. I give in. I finally admit it’s the holidays, because this is what we did at chez dim sum this weekend.

It’s a grand tree, and I’m always so happy when it’s up. It’s a faux-real pre-lit Costco tree that is a pain in the behind to fluff and separate the faux branches. However, I’m happy I don’t have to water it daily, worry about my house burning down from the Christmas kindling tree, or pick out pine needles from the rug. The kids have fun hanging their ornaments. Sweetie Boy loves hanging his baby ornaments, especially the Hallmark bears that mark his first, second and third Christmases. Sweetie Girl loves to hang *all* of the ornaments and I have to coax, cajole, then yell to put down the super fragile, breakable ones. As for the Christmas Tree Topper, we’ve had that one since our first Christmas together, so it’s special. He asked me yesterday how we should decide which Sweetie gets to put it on top of the tree. “Easy!” I said, “You get to do it every year.”

Every Christmas, each Sweetie chooses a new ornament and I mark their name and year on it. When they grow up and have their first Christmas tree, they’ll already have meaningful ornaments to put on it. I also buy a family ornament, usually one with a frame, and put in a family picture from the year. We all enjoy looking at the ornaments over the past few years to see how we have grown and aged (that part is not as fun for the adults).

I finished another holiday giftie this weekend too. It’s also another secret, so mum’s the word, okay? It’s for another Sweetie Niece.

Project: Fetching Wristwarmers
Yarn: SWTC Karaoke (wool and soy silk) in Wild Cherry, 1 skein
Needles: Options US size 5s, 2 wristwarmers on 2 circs method
Start: Friday, December 1
Finish: Sunday, December 3

Thoughts: I still really enjoy this pattern and recommend it to others. As for the yarn, I love the long color variations between red and pink. Jillian had warned me she heard the yarn pulled apart easily, and that it did. It happened once, and after spit splicing it together, I was careful not to yank too hard on it. It still needs its bath, so hopefully the picot edging will uncurl a bit afterwards.


7 responses to “

  1. Shazam! And you say I’m fast – pish-tosh! Fast Fetchings.

    Your tree is gorgeous!

  2. Lovely tree! All the Dim Sums have done a great job with the decorating, and it looks like you’re ready for some presents now.

    We’re still in bah humbug mode at Casa Knitdevil, but hopefully this weekend will see some treeputtingupdecorationhanging action.

    And more fetching Fetchings. Ho ho ho.

  3. P.S. I meant to add Sweeties in that second sentence, too.

  4. Oh, what a beautiful tree you have – amazing decorating job you and your family did! And I really love your Fetchings – the pattern is definitely addictive, and your version of them in this cute color look so great!

  5. Gorgeous tree, Mary. What wonderful family traditions, too.
    The Fetchings are fetching. LOL

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  6. We were doing the same thing this weekend (faux tree fluffing and all), and I did some similar cajoling with a 6 year old. Except, I also had to convince her that placing all the ornaments at her eye level, on maybe 5 different branches wasn’t a great idea.
    I love your ornament idea- we each pick one our most years, but i’ve never marked them for the kiddos. I may have to steal that from you. Great pink Fetchings- very cute.

  7. Yes, Fetching is my gift of choice this holiday. I’ve made 5 pair so far with only 1 pair coming out the same size! I must be cockeyed or something…

    Your’s look great.

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