And Sew It Seams…

I know how to sew a little bit, enough to sew Halloween costumes for the Sweeties. My Mom was at one time a professional seamstress, when we were little kids, and she could sew things by creating her own patterns. Me? I passed the sewing segment of Home Economics in 7th grade, and it doesn’t get much more complicated than that. I am reluctant to schlep the sewing machine in from the garage whenever I need to run a seam. Mostly because it’s a hassle to set up, and I know the finished product isn’t going to be that great.

However, in preparation of Sweetie Girl’s Daisy meeting last week, I found myself in the dubious position of hauling out my-sometimes-friend, Singer. What did I sew? Well, I didn’t sew this, or this, or this. Let’s see if you can guess from the pictures what I sewed:

(People, do not try this at home, unless you are a trained professional. I assure you that I am certainly not.) Trying to run a sewing machine while simultaneously snapping a picture for the blog is dangerous at best. Remember my almost injury earlier this year? My eagerness for exciting blog pictures pushes me beyond the limits, I’m afraid. I’m sorry to say I didn’t run a straight seam one-handed or get a good picture, so it was for naught.

Have you guessed what it is yet? It’s this:


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  1. What a cutie!

  2. Sweetie girl is a sweetie. ……………and a fantastic little artist!

  3. What a cutie your little girl is! And I agree with Joan, she’s a true artist!
    I’ve always wanted to try my hands at sewing, but obviously never found the courage – and, I don’t have a sewing machine here, duh, though I could get my Moms one… Anyhoo, perhaps it’s better that I never started it, I doubt I would have been able to stop. So, now after dragging your machine out of the garage, will you keep it in the house a while longer and work on something else with it?

  4. Aw, the memories….I had a sit-upon when I was a Girl Scout too. You’re making great memories with her!

  5. How fun is that. Really enjoy all these moments, they go so fast. (halmark moment over)

    My boys will be home for a month over Christmas. After that they are being moved into one room and I get one of the rooms for me. I will be able to have my sewing machine out! Actually use it on a whim! Watch out World!!
    (that could go either way)

  6. What a good mom you are. And blogger – look at you, risking fingers for your art.

    Total sweetie cuteness.

  7. What a darling craft project for Brownies and Girl Scouts. This would also make a perfect gift for a soccer mom or sports enthusiast!
    You could even make a felted cover for the sit-upon!

    When I was a Brownie I learned how to knit. It’s been a downhill yarn slide for me ever since!

  8. A sit upon is a fabulous sewing project.

    Your tree and the Fetching’s look great!

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