Quick Knit

We interrupt the regularly scheduled holiday knitting for a quick knit. Sweetie Boy has a soccer tourney this weekend, and it’s forecasted to rain the whole time. Being the controlling, overly concerned mom that I am (read: my boy can’t run around in the rain and mud, get soaked to the skin and catch a cold!), I decided to whip up a beanie for him. Boy oh boy was it fast! Just what I needed to soothe the holiday knitting doldrums. I started it Thursday evening and finished it Friday morning, probably about 3 hours total.

Project: Beanie hat, based loosely on the Shock Jock pattern from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Knits for Older Kids
Yarn: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran in black, less than 2 balls, double-stranded
Needles: Susan Bates Silverado US size 10s for ribbing in some weird magic loop like method; 16″ Clover bamboo and Denises size 11s for body, first the Clovers by themselves, and when the yarn was just too sticky on the needles, then Denises on a medium-length cable, then both for the 2-circs method. My Options cables and needle tips were out of commission, so I dug around and made do with whatever I had. That’s how lazy I was.
Start: Thursday, December 14
Finish: Friday, December 15

Thoughts: I cast on 56 stitches, based on what was recommended in the pattern. The pattern calls for the hat to be be knit flat and then seamed up. Pish-tosh, I can’t be bothered with seaming (read: I hate finishing.). The pattern also called for a wider ribbed section, and bigger stockinette section, so the ribbed section can be folded over. Lazy, am I… so much so that I just knit the ribbing for two inches and then started the stockinette part. After a bit, I put it on Sweetie Boy’s head to see if it was long enough. Then, I did the decreases and finished it up. It fits quite well, and when I gave it to Sweetie Boy this afternoon, he put it right on. Hey Mikey, I think he likes it! The added bonus is that the yarn is superwash wool, so after some sweatiness and rain this weekend, I can just toss it in the washer and dryer, along with the rest of his soccer kit.

I received the yarn, as part of a complicated, multi-level trade with KnitDevil, which involved books, needles, more yarn, lunches and probably other things that I don’t even remember. It was destined to be a couple of sweaters, but she ditched it after knitting it up, disagreeing with its fuzziness. Double-stranded for this project, I had no problem with the yarn and enjoyed the feel. Thanks, Madge, for keeping my Sweetie Boy warm!


8 responses to “

  1. Ohh, I like!

    🙂 SP

  2. Such a cutie! Knitter mom to the rescue!

  3. You’ve tamed the JMMA. Hooray! And your hat is just what Sweetie Boy needed in today’s rain showers. What a good mom you are.

    Hope everyone stayed warm and hat fun at the soccer tournament.

    And your description of needles used cracked me up.

  4. Now, this is the absolutely perfect hat as I see it – and it fits Sweetie Boy so perfectly, he looks great with it!

  5. Oh so cute- he’s adorable (and could be related to my big girl, if you ask me!) Great Hat.

  6. Cute hat, cute kid–great fast project! I think I will be keeping that in mind as I wade through my Year of Yarn Management! How did the tournament go?

  7. Cute! How did the tournament go?

  8. Cute quick hat!

    Cool about being a Knitster! I just realized we were getting Knitty Gritty on HGTV and have been taping it.

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