More Holiday Knitting

The soccer weekend was a bust, unfortunately. Sweetie Boy played his soccer tourney in the cold, but I didn’t get to watch because Sweetie Girl came down with a fever Friday night. Which meant more holiday knitting time. This is what I finished this weekend: felted slippers for my Mom (pre-felted, of course). They’re made from the FiberTrends pattern, and I wouldn’t have attempted them, if Patty hadn’t told me how quickly they knit up. Jillian had also done a pair, so my interest was piqued. My mom has rather gaudy (ahem) taste in shoes, so I definitely went there with the colors on these. Hopefully, after they’re felted, the colors will soften a bit more and be not quite so vibrant. I’ll post a picture after they’re done with all of the specs. They look gigantic, feral child provided for scale.

What’s up next? Sweetie Husband mentioned that he was shivering in the cold this weekend at the soccer tourney, and it was a good thing Sweetie Boy had on his cap. (It’s been cold for us Southern Californians, dipping into the 40s at night. Brrrrrrr! No, I don’t expect any sympathy or mockery. I’m just telling you how it is.) It occurred to me that Sweetie Husband needs a cap. People, do you understand the enormity of this? This is H.U.G.E. Monumental even! Sweetie Husband has not asked for any knitted love from me. He doesn’t really wear sweaters; he’s a white tube sock sorta guy, even to work. I suggested a vest one time, but he scoffed at me. Yes, scoffed. Ha! Now I have a project to knit for Sweetie Husband with a specific purpose, and it will be accepted because it will be for his favorite pastime, watching the Sweeties play soccer. I dug out a ball of Noro Kureyon in some masculine colors from the stash, and I’m off to work on that and a quickie shawl to wear on Christmas Eve. I might even give that one away too. Happy knitting!


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  1. Mary, I remember Patty’s slippers. Those should felt up beautifully. (not sure about the color-I agree with you)

    I’m sorry to hear Sweetie Girl was not feeling well. That’s the story of a Mom, isn’t it? You make plans and the unexpected happens. You take care of yourself, too and don’t get rundown.

  2. Here in….my part of the country it is unseasonably warm, which makes for a depressing lead in to Xmas when you expect it to be WHITE! I, too, will be felting, hopefully tomorrow. More last minute projects, of course!

    🙂 Your SP

  3. I love those slippers- you gotta have some bright colors in your wardrobe!
    I understand the enormity of having a dh ask for (or at least not reject) a knitting project. Mine won’t even take a hat, and this is a man who golfs EVERY thursday night (a lighted course), no matter what the weather (and even in FL, there are some chilly nights). A baseball hat is about all he’ll wear. Can’t wait to see what you make him!

  4. Hope sweetie girl is on the mend! How fortuitous that our ravenous weather has allowed you the opportunity to make the hus a knitted item! Hooray!

  5. Feral child is darn cute, even when sick! I love those clogs. I remember when Jillian made some. I definitely want to make a pair. I think the colors will look great felted. Your mom’s going to love them.

    Congrats on having something to make your husband that he needs and will actually wear. That IS exciting!

  6. Heh, so what exactly did SG catch?! Hope she and the rest of the family are healthy for the holidays.

    I love the clog color combo. How’d the felting go?

    Can’t wait to see SH’s Noro hat. Kudos on winning him over!

  7. Hope SG is better. She’s looking very cheery in the photo.

    I hear you about the cold weather. It’s freezing in London. We’ve got fog – it’s so Dickensian.

  8. Those slippers ought to look great, and so what if they stay bright? Red is a very auspicious color, is it not? Waiting to see how the hubster’s hat looks–mine never would wear hats much, finally got him into a big ol’ Aussie hat when we were in Australia and he could get one that actually fit his big head!

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