Silverknits and I met in blogland and realized we have such a connection. Our knitting obsession, our taste in patterns, our preferred yarns, our body types (she’s petite, while I’m shrimpy and chunky – okay that part’s not so similar), our kids, these are some of our similarities. A while back we were both blogging about the same yarn, Artful Yarns Fable made of cotton and silk, our love for it and the need for a good pattern. Lo! Our mini fable-along was born. We decided on Blue Sky’s Ribbon Shell pattern, and after many delays, we finally found the time to start it up. Our first kal of the year, albeit a mini kal, began this past Monday.

My progress so far, one side done. The color looks pinker than it actually is, although it’s closer to the shade in the picture on the left. The yarn is a twist of 4 colors, deep red, medium red, pink and orange, so it’s kind of tweedy looking. My swatch on US 7s was way too small, and the swatch on 8s was only marginally better. I didn’t want to go to 9s because I thought the fabric would be too flimsy, so I did the math and am knitting 2 or 3 sizes up. I’m happy to say it has worked so far, because the one finished size is the right width. Ahhhh, I love it when that happens. Hopefully, I’ll post another progress shot in a few days.

Remember when I was a knitster on “Knitty Gritty” last month? They asked me to post this message because they’re looking for some unique knitting groups, so here ya go.

The producers of “Knitty Gritty” are looking for uniqueknitting groups for a one-hour special. We are looking in the Los Angeles area and nationwide. It may be a formal group or informal, but we’re searching for groups with a”story” or extra-special quality. Maybe a sports team/league who knits together on the bus rides, a group of Harley bikers who knit together, a group who hit various pubs and knit while they visit, OR people who knit for a purpose/cause. Contact Joy Wingard at jwingard@sdetv.com.


4 responses to “

  1. Hey, is this Fable from our yarn crawl? Love it with this pattern.

    You’re going to be finished in no time, too. Gonna have to start calling you Speedy.

  2. You are petite too, you are NOT shrimpy and chunky! I know, cause I’m both! Your Ribbon Shell is coming right along and I’m pleased to have been there for some of its creation!
    Hey, here’s our chance to do something unique for KG, huh? What kind of “hook” do you think we could come up with? “Suburban Moms” just doesn’t seem to have the cachet they want!

  3. Your ribbon shell is looking good. I agree with Madge. You’ll probably be wearing it next week!

  4. Shrimpy and chunky???? Wha? Don’t think so.

    That’s such a cute and sophisticated pattern – it will look great in the Fable!

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