Fable Progress

Both sides are done. Next is joining at the shoulders and sides and seed stitch neckline and armholes, not necessarily in that order. I really hate seaming and finishing, mostly because I suck at it. Maybe I should make that a new year’s resolution. To become proficient at seaming and finishing. Right. Maybe not.

Hopefully the next picture I post will be the FO pic. Right. Maybe not.


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  1. It looks gorgeous so far! I also hate seaming, and purling. I tend to adapt patterns to knit in the round to avoid both these things whenever possible.

    🙂 Your SP

  2. LOL You sound like a cranky pants. You don’t suck at finishing. Your SKB is beautiful!

    Well, those shoulders are thin, so you should be able to zip them up quick, without thinking about it. Then go look at yarn online. The sides, they’re a straight shot, so do one, and then go read some blogs. Do the other and voila!

    (of course I’m handy with advice, but have I finished seaming my niece’s sweater? uh, no)

  3. I love your Fable! Such a cute pattern and a great color! Looks like a great way to practice your finishing too! No sleeves! Just repeat after me: I love mattress stitch, mattress stitch loves me.

  4. I too suck at finishing! I absolutely detest it…I have a sweater I finished knitting almost a year ago that is still in 4 pieces! If you make that resolution, I’ll join you!

    Fable looks great!

  5. After seeing how cute yours is turning out, I think I want to make one. Maybe I have some stash yarn that would work. Hmmm. I really like it!

  6. It’s looking mighty fine! I love the colors of that yarn…very nice. The finishing will go fast, especially if you distract yourself!

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