Social Knitting

It was nigh impossible for me to work on the shoulder shaping of my Fable-along Ribbon Shell, while socializing and chatting. I needed some easy stockinette, but not a big project that would distract me from the Fable-along project. La! Problem-solved. I pulled out my Yarn of the Month samples of yarn that I’d gotten for the past 3 months. KnitDevil hit it right on the nose when she talked about how addicting these are. I got a little… um… obsessive, as is my wont, and this is what I chugged out in an evening.

(L to R) Worsted Weight by Carodan Farms, 2ply by Imperial Stock Ranch, O-Wool Classic by Vermont Organic Fiber Co., and Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Alpacas.

January’s theme was organic fibers, and I was so excited to when I opened the envelope and found them in their little plastic envelopes. I’ve been curious about organic fibers, since a friend, who is no longer into knitting I might add, turned me onto them.

It was great to have an opportunity to work with organic wool without committing to a specific project. Lately, I’ve been yearning to work on a project using “classic” wool, imagining either Cascade 220 or Lamb’s Pride. I haven’t yet committed to a pattern or purchased yarn yet, as I’ve been trying to knit from the stash for as long as I can. After knitting these babies up, I’m glad I held off because that classic project might be using one of these organic wools.

I really enjoyed the feel and slide of all three wool yarns. The green tweed from Carodan Farms is to die for, especially the color and richness of the tweedy flecks. 100% wool, the color is Bracken.

The Imperial Stock Ranch happens to be in that eggplanty color (#65) that I adore, similar to the color of my SKB. 100% Columbia wool, I was impressed how the stitches look straight and even without the benefit of blocking.

The Vermont Organic Fiber Co. wool was my first choice to knit up because of its softness, and it didn’t disappoint. I hadn’t knit up these samples before, so I blindly cast on the recommended number of stitches for 4 inches and added the 6 extra stitches for the garter stitch frame. Oopsies, ran out of yarn in the middle, so I just cast off and that was that. Made of 100% organic merino wool, the color (#2301) is a bit faded but that’s not a detractor by any means, and it was surprisingly soft.

The Blue Sky Organic Cotton (color #83) is already one of my absolute favorites, because of its buttery softness, but I haven’t made anything for myself with it yet. Of course, I have it in my stash, but I’m waiting for the right inspiration, I guess. It softens even more as you wear it and handle it. My friend first turned me onto it, when she knit a scarf with it. Its softness had such an impact on me that I kept remembering the touch sensation of the buttery softness for months afterward. Simply divine.

What can I say, except I would definitely use any of these four yarns for a project. When the time comes to choose the yarn for my classic project one first, I’ll be hard pressed to make the decision.

Now, I just have to decide how to store and file these swatches. I guess that means a binder. Does anybody have any other good solutions on how to manage your swatches?

Coming soon, November’s YOTM swatches. Theme: Alpaca. Mmmmmmmm. Need I say more?


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  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying YOTM!

    My swatches are just stacked together by month in a drawer. Pretty thrilling, eh?

  2. I never heard of the yarn of the month club before. It looks like such fun! What a great way to see new yarns! I wonder if that would count against my yarn diet? Since it is just for swatching, I think it would be allowed, wouldn’t you? Very low calorie!

  3. That’s a clever and educational idea for social knitting! Fable is so cute and it’s almost done.

    A binder would be my idea too. Purl from Knit & Plenty might have something to use in her yarn wrangling sales stuff.

  4. Oooohhh – new yummy yarn. I’d be very tempted to buy lots of yarn.

    Fable looks good so far. Not much more to go. ( I hate seaming and finishing too!!) I love Sweetie girl in her Drive Thru sweater. She looks really pleased with it!

  5. Lion Brand is coming out with a line of Organic Cotton in four colors that should hit the store shelves by the end of the week. $6.99 for 80-something yards…I’m interested to see what it’s like! Good luck, and happy knitting!

  6. The Yarn of the Month-Club sounds like such a lot of fun! And this yarn looks so yummy! So does your Fable by the way, I’m so impressed by how good it’s looking – and you’re really close to finishing it! Yay for that!

  7. Hi- I’m back from moving my parents, and not nearly as far along with my fable along progress! (too many boxes to pack, unpack, give away, trash etc). It looks great- Love your color. I’ve never seen the yarn of the month club- just what I need another package at the door every month…
    I’ll blog my progress some time today. Hope all’s well.

  8. Those yarns look wonderful. I keep meaning to join the Yarn of the Month Club and then I forget. Seems like a good way to try new yarns that I wouldn’t necessarily buy or find locally.

    As for storing, you could stack them in a photo box and label each one.

  9. I have seen people use a 3×5 index card and recipe box to store their swatches. I am purely digital. I have an excel spreadsheet that I record what gauge I get with what needle and then I have no idea what I do with the swatch. It gets shoved in some random basket.

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