YOTM November

My very first month of membership in the Yarn of the Month Club was November. I was tickled pink to see the theme was alpaca. Yummmmmm. I was already an alpaca fan, so I was immediately liking it. Fast forward to this weekend, when I finally pulled out the alpaca samples and actually knit them up. They were soft, luscious, and cozy, a real treat to knit with. Each one is a true champion in her own right. I won’t go into the detail of each because I would only reuse words like soft, luscious, cozy, drapy, warm comfortable, squooshy and like synonyms over and over and over. Suffice it to say, they were all dreamily soft, warm and with beautiful drape.

(L to R) Atacama by Araucania, Baby Alpaca Chunky by Cascade Yarns, Baby Suri Alpaca by Misti Alpaca, and Alpaca Soft by RYC.

The Araucania yarn is 100% alpaca and featured here in color 510.
Cascade’s Baby Alpaca Chunky is 100% baby alpaca and shown in color 552.
The Baby Suri Alpaca by Misti Alpaca is 80% baby suri alpaca and 20% silk (color 302).
Alpaca Soft by RYC is 50% alpaca and 50% cotton. It’s in color 264 and has a bit of a boucle feel to it.

Next installment: December’s novelty yarns (ugh!). I’ll do it, but only for you!


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  1. Okay, now you’ve done it…I just signed up for YOTM! Baa, baa, says the little sheepie! Between you and KnitDevil I am hopelessly lost. And my Durango came today, too!

  2. Below, you were mentioning how to store and file swatches. I found this which was interesting.

    I think the best idea was to keep the swatches with the label from the yarn.

  3. Hooray for alpaca! December’s will be interesting. 😉

  4. These were a good batch. Liked ’em all except for the Araucania, which was scratchy imho.

    Liberace alert! There’s gold lame a-comin’! Heh.

  5. What the heck happened?! Sorry to leave duplicate messages….

  6. This YOTM club looks very tempting! What kind of patterns do they send???

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