I Feel Special, Oh So Special

(Warning: This post contains excessive amounts of beautiful yarn-related things, and fawning and gratitude to the bestower of such objects. Read on at your own risk.)

I got my final reveal package from my Secret Pal, Annie of Sittin ‘n Knittin, on Friday. Let me just say wow. No, more like WOW! Can I say it again? W.O.W. I was so wowed that I was rendered speechless for about five minutes. Anybody who knows me knows that is virtually impossible… me being speechless for about five minutes… and that it wasn’t because I had food in my piehole.

It really seemed like Annie got me, the colors I like, what I drink, how I like to pamper myself. On top of that, I especially love that most of the gifties are handcrafted from indie people. Really spectacular stuff all around. Walk down memory lane with me, would ya?

This is the pamper-myself part of the gift: 2 beautiful handknit washcloths in that gorgeous deep lilac color that were wrapped around beautifully fragranced natural herbal soap from gotsoap.com, a tin of Simpson & Vail jasmine tea with handwritten directions on how long to steep it, a terrific little tea strainer, 3 delicious milk baths were also included in the package in yummy scents: coconut rose, hot cocoa and lavender dream. I’m going to smell divine!

This is the knitting notions-related portion of the package: a cute green zippered pouch, four delicate beaded stitchmarkers that were in a perfect shade of green with just enough sparkle, a whimsical sheep tape measure (I haven’t seen this one before and it’s hysterical! The wool is coming off the sheep and forming into the ball which is the end of the tape.), and a sock blocker keychain with pattern. What? You can’t see how cute the stitchmarkers are?

Here’s a close up of the delightful little stitch markers. She thought of everything, didn’t she? But wait, there’s more…

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Around. Annie, how did you read my mind? I only have her Knitting Without Tears, and I’ve been aching for more of her books, so I can understand the knitting around stuff even better. Perfect! And yet, the last bit that rocked my world and knocked my socks off.

Yup. A skein of Socks That Rock heavyweight in Nodding Violet colorway. I had a hard time picking myself up off the floor. Wouldn’t you? Did you want to see it up close?

Here you go. Say it with me. Yummmmmm. It definitely has some denimy blues but the violet and periwinkle shades aren’t coming through in the camera. Hoo boy. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be yet.

This is the mountain of stuff she sent. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I am in complete and utter awe of her generosity.

Annie, you did such a terrific job getting to know my likes and wants. I really love every bit that you sent me. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and getting to know you better through your blog. Thank you thank you thank you for making my first Secret Pal exchange so wonderful.


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  1. I came here via knit and tonic and the fun fur conversation. I am actually going to make some hats for kids with cancer. Are you serious about the free yarn to make them with? If so let me know. I will gladly pay postage for it.

  2. What a great pal!! Those are incredible yummies all around. And now I want some hot cocoa 🙂

  3. You are a lucky, lucky lady! What awesome yarn and nice goodies! The washclothes match your SKB perfectly…

    My ribbon shell is blocking, and I think (hope) it will fit. It was an easy pattern, but not the best written pattern, I think. If I were truly a beginner, I’d be really frustrated with the vagueness of the instructions. I’ll blog about it this week. What did you think? Hopefully I’ll have seamed it up too!

  4. What an awesome secret pal! This loot is amazing – EZ and STR in one package – plus all the other goodies, too. Wow is right!

  5. Woo hoo! What a haul! I would be speechless too. You have a great secret pal. What a fun package to open!

  6. I had a blast putting it all together. I’m so glad you liked everything!

  7. Awww, what a goodie package you’ve received, there’s such a lot of great stuff in it! The yarn is absolutely divine, I adore the colours! Enjoy everything!

  8. Marti, I couldn’t get to your profile and email you directly. If you want the fun fur for chemo caps, please email me with your email addy and I’ll get your snail mail address.

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