Going Away Gifts
I finished up a couple of quick knits that are going away gifts. Sweetie Girl’s best friend is moving to Northern California because her Daddy got a kick@$$ job. They met in Kindergarten and have been inseparable since then. The scarf is her best friend and the wristwarmers are for best friend’s Mom.
Project: Mistake Rib Scarf from Weekend Knitting
Yarn: Valley Yarns Shelburne from WEBS, 1 ball of orange and 1 ball plus a little more of light blue
Needles: Options Size 13
Start/Finish: Can’t remember but it only took a day or so
Thoughts: This yarn was on close out, so it was a remarkably good deal. If there’s any left over, go get it! It’s really soft and squishy; easy to work with. It was a tiny bit itchy so I washed it with some Eucalan and a lot of green apple hair conditioner. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I think best friend will like it, especially since they’re in her favorite colors.
Project: Fetching wristwarmers
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, almost 1 ball exactly
Needles: Options Size 5, 2 wristwarmers on 2 circs method
Start: Jan 28
Finish: Jan 31
Thoughts: I continue to knit this pattern because I love it. It’s super easy but knits up like a million bucks. This is the first time I have used the yarn called for in the pattern, and it’s to die for. To. Die. For. It feels velvety soft when it is knit up. I had heard that many people run out of yarn, so I decreased the straight knitting part by one row. I must have knit this pair rather tight because I’ve got quite a bit of leftover yarn. They feel a bit short, but I think they’re still fine.
I’m delinquent in my Secret Pal responsibilities. I only just got the last of the items in the mail today, so I wrapped them up and they’re ready to go. My Secret Pal lives in Australia, so I’ve got to get these out ASAP for their overseas flight. Wish them a safe flight!
I cast on today for Wicked, which is the kal for SKC. I’m using burgundy colored Durango by Colorado Yarns. It’s tweedy and made from wool and acrylic. I’m working on reforming my yarn snob self. Wish me luck.

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  1. Luck!

    Great going away gifts. And were the Bee Gees playing when you snapped Sweetie Girl’s photo? Total cuteness.

  2. Hey, I bought some of the Durango too. For that price, I was impressed with the softness of the yarn. I’m planning a cardi for the BigHeadBoy and cardi for me. Not matchy matchy though! Love those fetching in red…great color.

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